3 Tone control circuits using op amp NE5532

Today, I recommend a bass mid treble Tone control circuit using an op-amp. They include 3 circuits. We choose to use the NE5532 as main, it is so an interesting IC. Because of the ultra-low noise properties.

So often uses them in a Hi-Fi audio system. But these circuits are old. They have been a small circuit with PCB layout.

I hope they will be useful to you. Good luck, thanks.

bass mid treble Tone control projets circuits

Pre Tone Control Stereo using NE5532

First circuit diagram. If you want a good simple Pre Tone Control circuit in Stereo. I recommend this circuit in your choice.

Because it uses only one NE5532. It is a high-quality IC, inexpensive extremely.

Look at the circuit.

Simple stereo pre tone control using NE5532

Simple Stereo Tone Control PreAmplifier circuit NE5532

Although, it is a small stereo(2 channel) circuit. But it has a full option to adjust the sound.

In this circuit, you can adjust the bass, treble sound well, and high-low sound in easy.

Also, set a balance of the sound everything is completed.

You may use your skill to try to build the circuit in easy with PCB layout Below.

Look below.

PCB layout of simple pre tone control use one NE5532
PCB layout of  Simple Pre Tone Control

What is more?

Sometime you may want more adjusting.

Bass-Mid range-Treble Pre Tone Control

If you do not like the first circuit. Because it cannot adjust all full range of sound.

This is the second circuit. It still fully adjusting to Pre Tone Control in Stereo.

You adjustable Bass, midrange and treble.

So, you can adjust full-range sound easily.

 Bass MID range Treble Stereo Tone Control circuit using NE5532
 Bass, MID range, Treble Stereo Tone Control circuit

Note: This 3 band active tone control circuit uses a 12V Dual Power Supply, 80mA min. It has Positive, Negative, Ground. You may use the 7812-7912 DC regulator.

Easy to build, PCB small.


PCB layout of Pre Tone Control Stereo (bass-mid range-treble)
PCB layout of Pre Tone Control Stereo (bass-mid range-treble)

High Gain Stereo Tone Control  (bass-treble) using NE5532 x2

If you do not like the first circuit. Because it may low power output so cannot really use with a very small input signal.

High gain pre tone control stereo using NE5532

My friends want a tone Control Stereo circuit.  It can control the sound bass-treble-volume well. And it is a high gain more than two circuits above.

Then, I found this circuit, Tone Control Stereo (bass-treble) using two NE5532.

Also, it uses an integrated circuit op-amp that is low many noises or low noise. So, it makes a good sound and easy to build too.

This circuit uses two integrated circuits.  So it can amplify a smaller signal input to a power amplifier.


You should use a good quality of DC dual regulator power supply,+12V and -12V.  Such as use IC LM7812- LM7912, etc.

Besides, IC1 and IC2 use, the number can replace many the number such as NE5532 or LF353 or RC4558, etc.

For convenience to friends.

You can see a model PCB layout. Have fun building Tone Control Stereo (bass-treble) using NE5532 in a link below.

Keep reading!

If this circuit doesn’t clear.

Please look at

‘Good NE5532 Preamplifier with tone control’


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I always try to make Electronics Learning Easy.

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  1. Thanks & very usefull..
    now I am using this preamp for my power amplifire. working fine best sound quality
    I (I used RC4558 ic)
    Sorry for my bad english. 🙁

  2. Hi, sanjeewa
    Thanks for your feedback.

  3. Hi,
    I am from Poland and I want to build pre tone control (3 bands) on NE5532. My question is: How will be work this preamp with IC TDA7560?

    1. I think it will be best working to tda

  4. 3 preamplifier circuit some errors in the IC leg numbering please correct it

  5. Hi.
    I want to build this circuit, I want to use it together with a bass-guitar amp. My question is, the circuit looks like two circuits that results in two inputs and two outputs. If my output will be on only one speaker, do I need the two circuits coupled by the “balance potentiometer”, or can I just build one with one input and one output?

  6. Hi All,

    I want to make a stereo pre amplifier with bass ans treble control.
    Have anyone made this circuits? please tell me which one is the best.


  7. Hi.. I found this circuit is very useful..one thing I need to know can I use the first section only..i.e. the first opamp circuit before the baxandall tone control circuit as an audio preamplifier??

    thanks in advance

  8. nice preamp design thank you so much for free.

  9. Hi thanks for the circuits. I have a question for the schematic No.1

    I have a hard time understanding the capacitor values.

    0.47µF (electrolytic or ceramic)
    0.033µF = 33nF
    0.0033µF = 3.3nF

  10. Hi sir
    I am trying my best to understand your English.
    Of course that is not so important.
    I am planning to build a High quality, High Power( >= 300 watt(rms)) Amplifier.
    I need a very high quality Pre-amp with Bass, Treble, Blance and Loudness control.
    I also need a 10 band Graphic Equalizer.
    Could you please suggest which Configuration is best.
    1. Do you have ready made Pcb’s for all these. 2. If you have How much is the cost.

    You can write it to my personal email ([email protected]). I want it to use it at home. I am fedup with all these so called Home theaters.


  11. Hi, nice design, but can you please publish here what kind of capacitors each capacitor are in the circuit? if it is ceramic or polyester or electrolytic? and the capacitors are all express in microfarad right? tnx in advance! i want to build the 2nd design, which has a midrange.

  12. i,m hoping for your help guix.

  13. hi, nice circuits, but can you please post here what kind of capacitor each capacitor in the circuit #2 if it is polyester or ceramic or electrolytic?, because i want to build it, tnx in advance,

  14. Hi , I want to know this Tone Control can be used with 2 X 4440 circuit.

  15. where is volume and and balance in pcb layout of Pre Tone Control Stereo (bass-mid range-treble) by IC NE5532 ?..

    1. You can make it by using a 100k potentiometer
      You have to do common to pin third for ground and the middle 2 pins is for audio out and the last both pins of first number will be audio input
      You can give input on pin first left and right from your Bluetooth module or mobile jeck
      Then the 2 pins of middle . You can put the audio out to your 4440 board input.
      Ground will be on last third both pins
      The volume will be work definitely 👍

  16. where is volume and and balance in pcb layout of Pre Tone Control Stereo (bass-mid range-treble) by IC NE5532 ?..

  17. What is the size of pcb layout sir? Thank you so much. This ckt. Its so good

  18. pcb size in design 2 Pre Tone Control Stereo (bass-mid range-treble) by IC NE5532

  19. Nice preamp design thank you so much for free. Great people’s are helps the others

    1. Thanks for your feedback

  20. The last circuit , How many gains?

  21. Hiii my Name is Carlos. I do it with an oa jrc4558 and it work so well. Thank u so much.

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