35 watts OTL power amplifier with bass treble

Friends may like old power amplifier circuits. Today I will show you the integrated OTL power amplifier circuit with PCB,  35W.  Using 2N3055 is the main component. It is the interesting circuit. Because of moderately sound 35 watta at the 8 ohms loudspeakers.
It is the OTL type, so it is easy to build, economize, and durable.

35W OTL power amplifier with bass treble

Besides it still has full function to adjust the output sound. Such as  Volume, Bass, Treble, Mid Range etc. Then, it is convenient for you, who is a novice want to build a power amplifier circuit. Keep use by oneself and I has model PCB simply give friends.

Get convenient in building with Have a good time. With the sound of music.

PCB Integrated power amplifier OTL 35w by 2N3055

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