TDA2020 OCL HI-FI Power Amplifier, 20W to 80W

Do you want a low-frequency class B power amplifier? See TDA2020 may be one of choice that you not should miss. In a 14-lead quad, the in-line plastic package is easy to use.

In normally It gives 20 watts output power, at distortion = 1%, +/-18V supply, and 4 ohms speaker. And, in the datasheet guaranteed output power is 15 watts at +/-17V on 4 ohms speaker.

Also, TDA2020 provides high output current up to 3.5A. And, so low harmonic and cross-over distortion.

Sound good, doesn’t it?

Not only that.

It has a short circuit protection system. And, The shut-down system when is too over temperature. And, the output transistors within their safe operating area.

Now you are interesting this amplifier IC, right?

TDA2020 Amplifier IC


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Highest level of use

  • Vs—Supply Voltage: ±22V
  • Vi—Input Voltage: Vs
  • Vi—Differential input voltage: ±15V
  • Io—Output Peak Current (internally Limited): 3.5A
  • Ptot—Power dissipation at T case ≤ 75°C: 25W
  • Tstg, Tj: Storage and junction temperature: -40 to 150°C

TDA2020 Pinout

How to use it. See the connection pinout.

TDA2020 pinout

The copper slug connects to pin 5.

Have you ever wondered? IC is small, but why has a high wattage power? Will it be durable?

Mounting system of TDA2020

Yes, they can. Because they install enough heatsink.

Mounting system of TDA2020.

What is more? Want to see circuit now?

20W OCL Power Amplifier circuit

20W TDA2020 OCL Power Amplifier Circuit

Here is a simple power amplifier circuit in OCL class B using TDA2020.

If we use the 18V 2A Dual Power supply (+18V, -18V, GND). And Speaker 4 ohms. It can give output power 20 watts RMS.

The part lists

TDA2020 30 watts Bridge amplifier circuit

Even more importantly. We can get more wattage by using Bridge amplifier.

Do you know about it?

Imagine you have a stereo amplifier using TDA2020. You want More power and Mono only.

You can modify them to bridge mode. Don’t waste time looking at the circuit.

tda2020 30W bridge amplifier circuit

The TDA2020 Bridge amplifier circuit on 30 watts at 8 ohms or 4 ohms.

It requires a more double current of power supply. But the same voltage.

80W OCL HiFi Amplifier using TDA2020 and transistors

It is good to you want more power, like me. We can use pair NPN-PNP power transistors to increase louder sound.

Look in the circuit below.

TDA2020 80 watts Hi-Fi OCL Power amplifier. This circuit style is similar to the TDA2050 and TDA2030 amplifier.

Using transistor boost up current is a good idea. It is saved and easy.

The gain of this circuit about 50 to 80 dB.

TDA2020 HI-FI OCL Power Amplifier

The circuit requires power supply max 32V(+32V, -32V and Gnd) Dual power supply at 3A current.

Makes output power gives 75 watts to 85 watts at 4 ohms or 8 ohms speaker.

Note: Because this circuit is old and maybe a mistake. So, not suitable for a beginner.


I always try to make Electronics Learning Easy.

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  1. I do not have dual power supply rail. How I. Can operate this Tda 2020 amplifier with single supply rail ie + – only and GND will be –


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