Power Amplifier OCL 80W hi-fi by IC TDA2020

circuit TDA2020 power amp 80W hi-fi
For this application the maximum value of V1 in no-load condition is +/- 45V

The TDA2020 many you may know that. It can bring to build is the circuit can amplify. But at this time I begs for to advise the circuit at about integrated number this circuit. May impressive friends because can build be Power Amplifier OCL 80W hi-fi by IC TDA2020. When see in the circuit also a little equipment. Then build easy seek you use power supply that good have voltage +32V , and -32V will make have the sound goes out about 75watt to 85watt As a result. Request friends have fun amp circuit this please sir.

Power Amplifier OCL 80W hi-fi by IC TDA2020

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