Learning electronics for beginners with easy ways

How to Learn electronics for beginners. Are you a student or who Interested in electronics as a hobby? Or parents who want to find good activities for children. Even a homeschooling parent wants to teach their children to learn electronics as well as me.

It is very difficult to make electronics easy for children. So, parents should learn together with children.

Some of my friends are about fifty years old. Play with grandchildren with electronics. It’s a fun activity.

learn electronics for beginner

What? Why? learn electronics

Electronics are something near us. For example, cell phones, computers, televisions, etc.

Everything needs electricity as energy by plugging in a house or charging with the AC adapter.

Inside these appliances consist of devices called those electronic components.

They are connected in a manner known as the electronic circuit.

Which using these appliances, we do not need to learn the workings of the electronic circuit inside it.

But learning electronic circuit is a very good skill or ability. The working principle of electronics may be tedious and useless.

Because of all the knowledge. It may be useless. If it is not used.

We like the foods stored in the refrigerator. But it will not make full your stomach.

We have to bring it to cook or eat it.

If you have a passion for electronics works. We should learn electronics by using electronic circuits to create fun projects. To solve everyday problems, is good, make your free time is useful.

Also, if you have technical skills. You can save money.  Because when the appliance is broken. You can repair first.

How to start?

Ohms Law Triangle
Relationship voltage current resistance and Ohms Law

To Learn the Relationship of voltage-current power and resistance with water flowing so easy. Look at Ohms Law, basic electricity you should know.

electronics circuit symbols

Electronics circuit Symbols

Look at Most electronic circuit symbols and diagrams. They are pictogram that shows instead of electronic devices for circuit design and more.

How to find resistor color code

Resistor color code and how it works

Let me tell you about resistor color code and how it works. We often look at a lot of resistors in many electronic circuits. Do you know how to use…

LED voltages of red green yellow orange

How to use easily LEDs

The First time for learning how to use LEDs.

electronic supplies store
Where buy electronics components

If you are looking for some electronic components for your projects. I would like to recommend you some electronic supplies store.

Measuring voltage in series circuit

How simple series circuit works

The series circuit learning. You will understand the current flow and voltage across devices on a circuit. And series calculator with an easy formula.

limitting current resistor for small load

Current limiting resistor for LED and load

How to reduce voltage for LED and other loads. We use a limiting current resistor to reduce current or voltage in a series circuit. So easy to do.

how to solder on the circuit board

How to solder on circuit board

Why project does not work? Sometimes solder joint is bad. You need to know How to solder a circuit board. Easy but have to practice!

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