Good Basic Electronic Learning site for KIDs by Colin Mitchell

We teach basic electronics Learning for children is difficult. Because children are bored easily and electronic principles seem difficult for them. I was trying to find the right electronic content. I found the site: .


It is very good content even though my understanding of English is poor.

But I like the content of this site is suitable for beginners and hobbyists, founded and produced by Colin Mitchell in Cheltenham, Australia.

I also seen this site in And I watched a video on YouTube.

I was impressed by his generosity. “Not Copyright 2003 Colin Mitchell – you can copy anything – in fact, you should copy all the projects and data sheets.”

Good Basic Electronic learning site

I like to build electronic projects with electronic devices that easy to find.

Not outdated! Many electronic circuits I’ve seen and created in electronic books in my language about thirty years ago.

Time has passed but those devices and circuits still work well. For example The first edition of Talking Electronics.

Although IC-555 is very old, it is still very popular.

I like the old circuit. Because I use only those technologies. When the microcontroller came in. It’s interesting, but it’s hard. About 35 years ago computers were very expensive and hard to find.

Nowadays, microcontrollers make electronics easier, the complex projects are smaller, and computers are cheaper.

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But I still can’t follow, Still like the old circuits more than. When I have children, I teach them to use those old circuits. I do not want him outdated like me.

Let him learn the Arduino board with my friend.

Arduino board is a very good microcontroller that is very popular, easy to use.

My friend, who is a teacher, uses the Arduino board to say that Children or beginners should learn to use basic electronics components or learn the hardware first.

Creating electronic projects with transistors, digital ICs, diodes, capacitors, and resistors. It is very necessary. Many Arduino projects do not work due to hardware problems.

Suppose, we need a simple flashing circuit. We use transistor circuits better than Arduino board because it is easier and cheaper, really?

I’ve also copied the content from him: to

I’m very thankful And many of the concepts are very interesting.


Here is an idea from Instructables to produce blocks with screws, containing a single component and they can be connected with jumper leads (alligator clips).

Use a slotted head for the negative screw and a Philips head for the positive screw.

Instructables to produce blocks


I will take a precedent to teach children to Learn electronics.

and they like LEDs circuits I will start tech him with  LED learning

The Resistor and LED
The LIGHT EMITTING DIODE is called an electronic component
A LED must be connected in the correct way. It will not illuminate if connected around the wrong way.
All LEDs have one lead longer than the other. The SHORT lead is called the CATHODE (k).
All LEDs have a flat on one side and this is the CATHODE lead.
The arrows on the diagram indicate the light is “given off” (emitted – produced).

Basic Electronics

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I always try to make Electronics Learning Easy.

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