DC Boost Converter circuit 3.3-5v to 12V-13.8V
DC converters
This is DC boost converter circuit that can use 3.3V to 5V power supply source into DC 12V-13.8V output max current 100mA. It is switching circuit better than old circuit. You can increase low voltage battery to high voltage load as you need with high efficiency My son bought LED light Bulb a few days ago. As Figure 1. It is cheap and supper bright. It is used for 12V power supply only. But he does not know its power consumption. Thus, he want to measure the it’s current. Figure 1 LED light Bulb for car He use the ammeter …
Simple temperature to voltage converter circuit
Meters & Detectors
This is a simple temperature to voltage converter circuit or an Electronic thermometer circuit there. Which will operate in a temperature range of 0 to 24 degrees Celsius (32 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit). The output rate of 500mV per degree Celsius. Which can be read by a normal voltmeter. To make it easier to find devices thus Temperature sensors of this circuit. So use a coefficient thermistor relatively constant and not linear. However, the temperature range of 0-24 degrees Celsius. This is enough to use a thermometer kind of normal. The IC1 is op-amp as the difference amplifier. There are …
First Study English with Electronic components
Basic - Tools & Tips
My son like Electronics but do not like English is not the primary language of us. I had the idea to teach him, to start learning English with Electronic components as Figure below. 1. Transistor Q: What is this? A: It is a transistor. 2. Capacitor Q: What is this? A:It’s a capacitor. 3. Diode Q:What is this? A: It’s a diode 4. Resistor Q: Is it a LED? A: No, It isn’t a LED, but it’s a resistor. We hope this post is helpful. Even slightly, we were very pleased.
Lego automatic LED flasher light
Today myson want to build the simple automatic flasher circuit. It is special that it will be light on dark. This circuit use 5 parts only and cheap. He like to play LEGO very much so builds Lighthouse tower by LEGO block. How circuit works As Figure 1, this circuit use the simple transistor driver for flashing LED. He uses the Multi color Flashing LED for LED1 He assemble them on small breadboard as Figure 2. When apply the 2.4V power supply to the circuit. The small current flow through to R-10K to base lead of transistor Q1- 2N3904, makes …