Simple solar plant watering alarm
Meters & Detectors
This is a simple Solar plant watering alarm circuit. It will sound alarms when the soil is dry. The trees have died. It the solar sell is 6V DC power supply. Thus saving convenience and does not require batteries.No noise at night. How the circuit works As circuit diagram in Figure 1 Figure 1 the circuit diagram of the Solar plant watering alarm. Hand draw use AAx3 batteries 4.5V The main principle is that when the soil is dry, with high resistance. However, when the soil is wet with minimal resistance. Usually the wet soil will have resistance is about …
Fast blinking LED bike light circuit
This is a fast blinking LED bike light circuit For safety when the bike at night. We use two-NPN-PNP transistor oscillator circuit and RC circuit only show on 4 LEDs use low current. We take the four LEDs to parallel because each LED use voltage about 3 – 4.5V We want this circuit for long time using so use the LED voltage is 3V only. And makes them to blinking as the LED flasher. Figure 1 Testing the LEDs in parallel. They use current about 0.077A. But we use them in switching so low How this circuit works This is …
First Arduino leaning Board
Many friends suggested that my son should learn to use Arduino micro controller before. So it is First Arduino UNO R3 Board R3 leaning Board of my son. The Arduino is the concept characteristics Platform consists of Hardware and Software. Used for connecting computers to the physical environment, including users, called Physical Computing. The arduino start publishing works around the year 2005. The purpose is to create hardware and software is Open Source.Disclosure of the source code, schematics for the board microcontroller, and other detailed documents For example: Manual, sample code, under its publishing and development. For those who want to …
Second study English with Electronic components
Basic - Tools & Tips
This is a second study English that my son use learn it by the electronic components. Today we will know three words below. 1. Different Q: Is the resistors different the capacitor? A: Yes, the resistor is different the capacitor. 2. Similar to Q: Are the two transistors similar? A: Yes, the transistors are similar. Q: Is 2SC458 similar to 2SC1815? A: Yes, 2SC458 is similar to 2SC1815. 3. The same (as) Q: Is LDR the same as photoresistor? A: Yes,the LDR is the same as the photoresistor. I hope my son’s learning will be useful for you.
How to make a simple series circuit
Basic - Tools & Tips
Today, my son experiment on the simple series circuit. To understand current flow and voltage across all devices in circuit. Parts he will needs 1. R2____1K 0.25 watts resistors 2. R1____100 ohms 0.25 watts resistors 3. the power supply 4. the breadboard 6. the digital multimeters 7. Wire jumpers How to experiment First of all, he builds the simple series circuit by use one resistors as Figure 1. He installed all resistors into the breadboard. Then, apply the 10V power supply to the resistor as complete circuit. Figure 1 the simple electronic circuit Then, he measure a current of the …