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High Power Pulse Generator using LM350T and NE555

If you are looking for a pulse oscillator in high current. This is a high power pulse generator circuit that you may like it.

Which the main component is IC-555 timer as the oscillator, and the LM350T provides a high current up to 3A max.

High Power Pulse Generator using LM350T and NE555

How it works

As you see in Simple Pulse Generator. Which it has a normal current of 200mA maximum only.

However, you can increase the current output up to 3A.

In the first time, we think to use the power transistor-2N3055 (popular coponent in all time) to increase current up.

But we have the better choice, to use other IC, LM350T. It is DC regulator at 3A current, so higher performance than 2N3055 exactly.

In the figure below, we still use the NE555 as the integrated circuit to generate a Square wave Oscillator.

Which we can adjust the frequency output with rotate a VR1-100K. Then, the signal comes out of the output pin go to the pre-driver, transistor-2N2222. To control adj lead of IC LM350T works.

While there is the high voltage comes out of the output, in high current pulse about 3A.

Thus, friends change the value of R5 for controlling the level voltage output in minimum 1.25V to high voltage at around 15V.

Because of this circuit uses input (voltage of power supply about 5V – 15V)

The other ideas, if you want the current just only 1A output. You can use LM317T that it is cheaper than LM350T.

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  1. Good aidia I test it

  2. Good aidia I am test it

    1. Hello, Thushara fernando
      Thanks for your feed. It is a good sound. I am happy that you can understand it.
      When you finished your circuit. You do not forget to share it to me.

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