Random Number with LED 1 digit

This is a simple circuit diagram showing the random nature of the LED 7 segment. You will enjoy this project. It is suitable for digital counter learning. It uses TTL digital IC-SN7447: BCD-TO-SEVEN-SEGMENT DECODERS/DRIVERS, SN7490 BCD Counter Circuit, and IC-555 timer. Parts used in this circuit are easily available in most of the local markets.

The working of circuit

random number generator with LED 1 digit

In the diagram circuit IC1 – LM555, R1, R2 and C2 on the circuit a sensitive multi-Stable Brett Foster (Astable. multivibrator circuit) function generator signal square (Square Wave) and send the pin 3 of IC1. It can change the frequency by VR1. and often to the leg 14 of IC2, it acts as a circuit of dozens, the output of IC2- SN7490 sent to the input pin of the IC3 – SN7447. The IC3 serves to decode (code BCD) to drive the 7-Segment a common anode, in order to display the numbers 0 through 9.

Work will take place, when a circuit switch S1 Stable multi-sensitive Brett Foster (Astable multivibrator circuit) rectangular waveform generator (Square Wave) resulted in a 7-Segment Display is a number 0-9. By are ordered from 0 to 9, starting at 0 new, which will render this indefinitely. The speed display is based on the frequency of Astable. multivibrator circuit. At the same time, that capacitor C1 will be full, when the switch S1 to C1 will be discharged out completely, to stop the display immediately. Leave fingerprints on the switch S1, to the 7-Segment Display is a little out 0-9.

Parts you will need

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