2 Digit Simple CD4026 Digital Counter circuit

Do you want a digital counter circuit? How to be easy and economical? Use CD4026 with this project. You will smile.

They the main parts can display with LED 7 segment 0-99 number or two digits Digit counter.

There is a reset button to restart. It can be applied to a lot of your projects.

For example, counting products, counting people into the library, and more.

Let’s find out more!

The working principle

As the circuit below. The IC1, IC2-CD4026 (CMOS Counters Decade/Divider / Integrated Circuit). I like this IC. Because they can drive LED 7 segment directly.

Recommended: 0-99 counter using TTL 74LS48, 74LS90

Which they connected together.

  • IC1 is a unit counter IC.
  • IC2 is a ten-digit counter.

And both ICs will work at Rising edged CLOCK only.

digits counter using CD4026

What is more?

The input signal will be connected to pin 1 of IC1. Then, the signal will go out to pin 5 of IC2. To send a next digit sequence.

Reset Mode
We connect both pin 15 of ICs together to reset pins. When you want to restart to the zero 00 again.

The working this IN point will must to connect to center point. By this point need to provide a positive voltage lower than 2 volts.

When there are input signal come in, lower voltage than 2 volts. The voltage will sent to D1, R1 in to base of TR1, TR1 so conduct current, when TR1 conduct current TR2 also will conduct current by bias current through R2 and pin 1 of IC1 will have CLOCK feed to IC1 will begin count 0 again.

When input signal into a continuous, IC1 will count indefinitely. When CLOCK signal into a 10 cycle. Which will count the number 9, then it changes to a new number 0. This at the same time will send signal out off pin 5 and will send to pin 1 of IC2,

IC2 is ten digit counter, will start at “1” You will maintain this state indefinitely, until IC1 count of 0-9. Signal at pin 5 of IC1 sends a signal to Pin 1 of IC2 again. IC2 also goes into counting second. And maintain this state indefinitely, again until IC1 to count from 0-9. Will be output at pin 5 of IC1, send it to pin 1 of IC2.

IC2 also goes into counting third, the work will be to look like this again.
Which from the circuit of Figure 1 to counting maximum of 99 only.

If I need to count more than this, it can be connected to it.
If you want to make a new start, press RESET. Number is the 00 and if input signal in to this will start counts new again.

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How to build

This is the actual-size of Single-sided Copper PCB layout and components layout of this project.

the actual-size of Single-sided Copper PCB layout and components layout

You solder all components on the PCB and wiring.

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Testing and application

When we build them done as Figure below. Connect the battery or AC adapter 6-12 volts. Positive to the positive terminal And the negative pole to the G.


Now at LED 7 segment DISPLAY indicate as number 00. But if is others number to press reset switch at DISPLAY will show is 00, then test press TEST switch at DISPLAY will show 01, 02, 03 continue to 99. Then return to 00. The pressing switch continues.
If to make the switch back to 00, press RESET switch. When tested as follows show that this circuit can operate normally.

You can buy parts at amazon here:

CD4026 on Amazon.com

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