Logical guessing game circuit

This circuit is the logic guessing game circuit use the digital ICs as base of projects. They are used for playing, with 2 players, the first will set logic, and second guessing logic.

The code in this circuit is 4 switches.

If a player can guess the code exactly as planned, will have the alarm sound and LED light up.

guessing game photo


The player is a winner, but unpredictable if no sound comes out, and all LEDs will go out, those who Set code is a winner.

How it works
In the circuit, there are 8 switches include of 2 set,
first S1, S3, S5 and S7 to setting code,
and second S2, S4, S6, S8 are used to selects code.

Logical guessing game circuit
The circuit diagram of logical guessing game circuit.

Then this logic from the switch will through IC1/1 and IC1/2.
The output of IC1/2 is “1” and drive LED lights up, because both input logic same the code is selected.
If we can choose code same 4 set, will have logic “0” at output of IC3/4, to the sound generator circuit.
They include IC4/1 IC4/2, R1, C1 and drive to a loud speaker.

The parts you need
IC1: CD4049, CMOS Hex Inverting Buffer/Converter
IC2: CD4070, CMOS Quad Exclusive-OR Gate
IC3: CD4011, Quad 2-Input NOR Buffered B Series Gate
IC4: CD4001, Quad 2-Input NOR(NAND) Buffered B Series Gate
LED1-LED4: LED color as you want.
SW1-SW8: SPDT- Single-pole, Double-throw
0.25W Resistors
R1, R3: 470 ohms
R2: 100K
C1: 0.01uF 50V Ceramic capacitors
Speaker 8 ohms.

How to builds

The circuit we can assemble on the universal PCB and install in the versatile Box neatly. The box should have a long look, and Should concealed switches are used to select the code, To protect, the other one can see.

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