Digital dice circuit using 7 segment display

A electronic friends was seeking a play circuits in your free time,a cheap and easy to made.This dice digital circuit would be a favorite of everyone, by using it to display the numbers.

When you switch to a spin button or it like is tossing a dice. Looks like a random form normally.

Digital Dice circuit

A heart of this circuit,an a stable oscillator 1Khz with IC 555 and RC networks,it will be output to IC2 is Decade counter IC – 4017.

When I turn off the spin switch, it will be converted to a binary input with a diode matrix D1-D9 (1N4148 or number 1N914) and then changed to a 7 segment display with a decoder drive IC No. CD4511 (IC3).

The brightness of the numeric display, may be customized by adjusting the value of R3.


Unless this circuit we also have other circuit that use principle same.

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john sampson

thanks a lot i made this circuit and it woks great. i was thinking of adding more changes to this circuit like a sensor what do you think???

Gourav kumar

What happens if i use simple jumper wire instead of zener diode in this circuit will this circuit will work or not…

Hello Gourav kumar,
Thanks for your feedback.
This circuit does not use the zener diode. We use diodes for protecting current feedback.

richard harris

i made this circuit for my project and i got it working sfe bro

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