Why should you create an electronic circuit?

Why create Electronic circuits

My daughter has asked me: “What is an electronic circuit?” It is a combination of electronic components in a specific way. Whereby we connect it with the conductor wires for the electrical current to flow through.

Answered: It is a great activity for learning and hobbies.

What electronic circuit should we create?

Also, I have been teaching my children how to learn electronics for beginners. But, they sort of do not understand the theory. It is complicated and boring for the kids to understand. You maybe are like my children.

Ancient people once said that:

I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand.

It is true.

Therefore, I believe that creating an electronic circuit will help us understand it easily.

Here are Simple Electronic Circuits for beginners

Many simple electronic circuit

Very enjoyable Hobby

If you have free time, Electronics are a good way to spend your free time by creating simple electronic projects to improve your daily life.

But the most important thing does not to regret it whenever your projects have failed. It is your learning process.

There are over 500+ electronics projects in 9 categories. However, you may like these 10 posts.

What is more? Look:

Let me tell you about the basic electronic components list with images. If without knowing the name and how they work, then we cannot use them to build electronic circuits.

We probably used to use lead-acid batteries. But do you understand how to basic charge it yet? Let’s learn.

Adjustable regulators using LM350 power supply look like LM317, but high current higher 3A, adjust 1.2V to 30V, with datasheet pinout.

Learn about CD4017 Datasheet & pinout CMOS-Decade counter/divider. Let me explain how 4017 works, equivalent ICs, example circuits,

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