Simple Zener diode voltage regulator circuits

This is circuit Simple DC Voltage Regulator By  zener diode voltage regulator circuit and Transistor C1061. (easy circuit).
By this circuit can give Voltage go out about 12V, depend on Zener diode or ZD1 usual use 12V values thus. When you use other value 9V such as get Voltage about 9V also. And this circuit still give current output about 1A depend on transformer. The detail is other request you see in image circuit.

Simple DC Regulator By Transistor C1061
circuit Simple Regulator By Transistor (C1061)

PCB Simple Regulator By Transistor (C1061)
If you the hight current than top circuit. you can be try make this circuit, it can provide the 2 Amp current with 2N3055 transistor

DC 12V to DC 6V-7.5V-9V Converter using 2N3055

This circuit is DC to DC converter model step down voltage. That can modify voltage input 12V DC from be DC 6V , 7.5V and 9V by have the size current about 1A – 2 Amp think. Be easy circuit use Zener diode maintain one’s position voltage. Be stable and have transistor 2N3055. When you several examples of the output voltage 6Vout, R1 =330 , ZD1=6.6V ; 7.5Vout, R1 = 270 , ZD1 = 8.2V ; 9Vout , R1=180 , ZD1=10V ; Perform enlarge the trend tallly go up fully be usable next , see the detail in the circuit and read to add

DC 12V to DC 6V-7.5V-9V Converter using 2N3055
Let’s see below next circuit link above because use 2N3055 and use for car adaptor so well.
They add some component to circuit.

Power Supply Voltage Adapter for Car by 2N3055

A car voltage generally is 12 Volts. How about when you want to connect non 12 volts devices into your car? The circuit here is the solution. Even the circuit is design for a car apppliance, it does not seem it can’t be used for another purpose.
You can change some component to apply voltage output as you want. (SEE in table)
For example, You want output of 9 volts, you must use res = 220 Ohm and ZD( zener diode) is 1N758A or BZY88
Power Supply Voltage Adapter for Car by 2N3055

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