Treble Booster circuit using IC-741

You who like the treble may like this circuit. it is Treble Booster circuit help give the sound of music that you listens to bright go up. Besides it still build easy. The price is inexpensive with. Because of use IC 741 that excellent like again. instruction easiness press switch , as a result make the sound improves to follow want. And you can change the equipment has in the circuit with. See the detail can add sir.


Circuit.1 Treble Booster By 741

Treble Booster circuit using IC-741

Figure 1: Schematic Diagram of LM741 Treble Booster

The circuit of Treble Booster using IC-741
How to build
If you want to build this circuit. We have simple PCB layout and components layout on Figure 2 so easy to make it small size

PCB layout and components layout

Figure 2 The PCB and components layout of simple Treble Booster

the wiring for circuit wiring and various components can view of the example in Figure 2. What to look out carefully for is the polarity of the electrolytic capacitors and Diodes correctly. Pin of the IC is not an error.

Small Treble Boost up using LM741 or LF351

From this circuit below Many friends like it.
But I think it has many components some part not need, so reduce parts to compact circuit than before. And PCB layout.

If you are a person who is satisfied the treble. This be Treble Boost circuit again interesting circuit. Because of use integrated number circuit CA741 that excellent like to use general the price economizes , and use electronics other equipment assemble a little. In this circuit has can to improve the treble about 10,000 Hz that 40 dB. By you can change C1 be other value as a result , will affect the treble differently. This circuit uses the fire feeds about 9V. See the circuit and read more.

Small Treble Boost up using LM741

How to Build this projects
When we see in circuit that is small projects some time we assemble them in Universal PCB Board because fast to build. But if you want high quality, so can them in PCB layout as Figure 2 and can see the components layout in figure 2 too.


Figure 2 the PCB layout and The components layout of this projects.

Note: We should remove IC1-IC741 and then replace IC1 with a LF351. Since LF351 is JFET that High-frequency response as well.


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