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Power Amplifier OCL 100W With MJ802, MJ4502

Today I begs for to advise Main Power Amplifier OCL 100watt by MJ802, MJ4502. May pleasing of friends at like firm bass and Treble be bold. Because it is Amplifier OCL model Class AB. And it has electric tall power about 100Watt at 8ohm size loudspeakers. Then can use in the work party or in the system home theater get comfortablely. Important aspect be power supply Source must have enough about +38V GND -39V that Current do not lower 3 Amp per Chanel. When see the circuit has moderately detail. Then not convenient for a novice for the convenience and friends have model PCB give friends see with. Have a good time with sound of sweet-sounding music , please sir.

Power Amplifier circuit OCL 100w With MJ802, MJ4502

PCB Amplifier OCL 100w With MJ802, MJ4502
PCB Power Amplifier OCL 100 watt

Caution! This project needs to use the speaker protection circuit. Otherwise, your speaker may be damaged.

The other circuit Ideas

-100W OCL Amplifier circuit by A1215 / C2921

This circuit is OCL audio power amplifier 100 watt RMS. It use voltage power supply +40V/-40V at 3A current.
Main part are power transister no. 2SA1215 and 2SC2921. and have op-amp iC input for preamplifier.
Circuit100W OCL Amplifier circuit by A1215 / C2921

– Bipolar Amplifier HIFI OCL 100W by BD317-BD318

If friend want Bipolar Transistor power Amplifier Circuit. , In model HIFI OCL 100W RMS. I sizes think this circuit may is the one choice interesting , use Transistor the important be BD317 and BD318 unless have transistor number BD139,BD140,BC556 then seek buy easy , when see power supply use voltage source 35V just then build not difficult For other detail as a result the a few See in Circuit.
Bipolar Amplifier HIFI OCL 100W by BD317-BD318

These amplifier projects are simple, have PCB and cheap

Bass guitar super bridge amplifier 200 watt.

100 watt DC servo amplifier by Power MOSFET

The cheap 100 watt transistor power amplifier project

2 channel 100W min AF Power Amplifier (Dual Supplies) STK4231II

The main amplifier 50 watt OCL by LF351-2N3055-MJ2955 with PCB

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  1. 100w OCL amplifier, if someone makes that one, opamp will smoke due to the excessive output current…
    Your R17 value is 1000 times off, 5.6ohms should be at least 5.6Kohms

  2. I want to build the 100 watts Amp, what i plan to do is to connect a zender diod along with a 5.6k resistor so to supply the OP-am IC, will this work well??
    please i look forward to read from you at my email address at (dnkwenti @ gmail . com )
    thanks for your time sir.

  3. OCL 100W amp. If you’re going to rip of Rod Elliot’s work atkeast put a link to his site. Then people could actually see how to build a proper amp and not he bodge you have shown.

    Elliot sound Products original project 3 or P3. P3a is an old advancement on it.

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