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Dual DC power supply rectifier using 2 terminal transformer

If you are looking for a dual power supply rectifier circuit that uses only one secondary coil. We have many ways to use. Today we recommend this good circuit.

It will convert any AC signal to DC unregulated voltage. In the circuit below, we use 2 bridge diodes and 4 electrolytic capacitors.

Dual DC power supply rectifier using 2 terminal transformer

The first section is a normal mode. Which it includes first bridge diodes (D5 through D8) they act as full wave rectifies ACV to DCV.

Then, a capacitor C4 will filter the pulsating DC into a steady direct current (DC).

The second section. Also, the AC signal from the input will flow to C1 and C2 to the Bridge rectifier (D1 through D4)

Then, the current flow to filter the pulsating DC voltage of out others bridge diode of the transformer. It causes we can connect directly the positive of 0 volts. Thus, the output will be symmetric both positive and negative.

And since C3 is charged by impedance higher than C4. Because of the value of C1 and C2. Thus, the value of C3 so must be more than C4, to cause a ripple of DC voltage symmetrical both positive and negative.

The voltage of capacitors must be same maximum AC voltage of the transformer. In the circuit, use 15V at the external current is 0.1A cause ripple voltage of 1V.

If you need to have a low ripple voltage than this. We must use more capacitance of all capacitors.

While we must use the voltage and the current rate of the diode to higher than the power transformer and the load.

More Dual power supply rectifier circuit

Parts you will need
D1-D8 = 1N4007- 1000V 1A Diodes
C1,C2 = 2,200uF 35V Electrolytic Capacitors
C3,C4 = 1,000uF 35V Electrolytic Capacitors

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