12V to 16V Step up DC to DC Converter using LM2577

The circuit is a boost step-up regulator based around an LM2577-ADJ voltage regulator chip and a few other discrete components. Resistors R1 and R2 set the regulated output voltage.
A switch inside the voltage regulator closes between pins 4 and 3, causing current to flow through the inductor to ground. When the switch is released a few microseconds later, a back-EMF ‘kick’ is produced by the inductor, resulting in a positive pulse with respect to the input voltage. This pulse charges the output capacitor via the schotky diode, which tends towards an equilibrium voltage.

12V to 16V DC/DC Converter using LM2577

The switch continues to oscillate, the diode preventing the switch from shorting the output capacitor during the ‘on’ phase. The output voltage is monitored via the voltage divider R1/R2, causing the duty cycle of the switch oscillator to be continuously regulated in order to maintain a constant output voltage under varying loads.
The output voltage defined by R1/R2, if you want to take a 12 volt to 15 volt dc booster is easily.

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tnks,,, ive coppied your designs,,


I amateur electrons and your web site very interesting and very useful, but i need your help in the circle to convert 12 volts to 19 volts with 4 AMP used for a laptop? Thank you very much


hey does this work for 12v 3amp power supply? 🙂


I need a 5dc to a 20v dc 3amp converter. I tried lot of circuits but no use Plz anyone help me to build right one


sir how could i make 100uf inductor? and what is actual output voltage ?


Sir I have old car and electric wiring decade Windows moter not working properly. I want circuit that’s enhance the 12 V to 12 V with high current.


Hi guys. I have a 12V to 15V 8A step up module I purchased off eBay. I am using it out of my car accessory socket and outputting through a 30a solar charge controller to charge and maintain an auxillary AGM battery. It works fine for a few minutes and then seems to spike blowing the 15A fuse in my accessory socket plug. I added 2 6A x 100V power diodes in parallel into the input side as i read somewhere that it is possible to get a back AC spike out of some of these circuits but it hasn’t… Read more »

jagatap pk

hi guys m required 4-5 volt dc convert to 12 volt 2 amp out req plz tell convertor details

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