Simple 1.5V LED Torch circuit
The 1.5v led flashlight circuit which also use single AA 1.5V battery. But few parts. Such as we use one transistor only. And all other parts of 5 pcs only
LM2577 5V to 12V DC Converter step up Voltage Regulator
If you are looking a ICs for a DC to DC converter job. I highly recommend of IC-LM1577/LM2577 supply all of the power and control functions for step-up (boost), flyback, and forward converter switching regulators. The output voltage typical : Wide input voltage 3.5Vdc to 40Vdc. Component list – 2.2k 1/4W resistor – 0.1uF capacitor – 0.33uF capacitor – 680uF 50V electrolytic capacitor – 1N5822 high speed schottky diode (3A) – wire coil inductor, 100uH – “for LM2577-adj IC” 20k multi-turn variable resistor, set to ratio to R2=2k, R1=18k for voltage output of 12Vdc before soldering Part number: – LM2577-12 …