Chicken sound effects circuit

This is Chicken sound effects circuit. Which I buy it from the electronic shop for my son as his first projects. It use a various sound from chips IC is a type of sound generator circuit. Which use principle digital memory is digital signal and program into ICs. Which all this movement. Be made from the IC manufacturer. We will not change these programs. Which circuit in this manner that we called as ROM. And for the our circuit, ROM-IC can be done in a microchip and sealed with the PCB board.

Technical information.

– Use the power supply of 3 VDC.
– Maximum current consumption is about 75mA at 3V.
– PCB dimensions. 1.21×1.77 inch.

How does it work.
In this circuit as Figure 1 all various working will been in IC completely. By output pin 5 of IC will connected in to pin B of TR1. By through R3 to amplify output a speaker. Pin 2 of IC will be connected through R2 derive the positive voltage, to determine frequency and pin 3 will be trigger pin the output signal out of pin 5 will send back to pin b of TR2. Which serves as help in the trig at pin 3 to circuit working all time. When has jumper at J2. This circuit use power supply of 3V but if want use power amplifier and use voltage 12V will use jumper at J1 as Figure 3.


Figure 1 the chicken voice sound generator circuit

How to assemble circuits
Patterns positioning device shown in Figure 2. In the assembly circuit,Starting equipment lowest first to Beautiful and easy to the assembly. Start from Diode and then resistors and sort of high continuously.

Figure 2 The components layout of Chichen sound generator circuit.

For the device has various polarity should be careful in the assembly circuit. Before placing these components will must set the polarity at PCB and the part match together because If you put backward, may cause equipment or circuit damage. How to check polarity and input device.

The soldering iron is less than 40watts. And Use of lead solder containing lead and tin in the ratio of 60/40. Including the need also to have a flux inside the lead.

The after that put the components and completely solder. to check correctness again But if you enter the wrong position. Should use a desoldering pump or a Desoldering remover To prevent damage to the PCB.

For audio ICs for soldering with pin- IDE for bent before. Then plug on PCB.

Caution: This circuit uses an IC chip is important circuit. So be careful while soldering without heat buildup on the circuit too much. And the IC should not be twisted.

Connect the power supply 3V to circuit (no jumper J1). and then press switch-S1 We will hear out of speaker The end of one cycle and then stops. To repeat sequences, and so on for the J2 jumper together. This circuit is not very loud. But if the box is for noise increase.

You can listen to the sound chickens from the this video.

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