Six sound effect generator circuit using MM5837

This is a simple Six sound effect generator using MM5837 that imitate the sound of water and wind in nature. At least 6 sounds by changing capacitance only.

We use IC-MM5837 as an important device. So powerful. And budget.

For example six sound effect are:
1. Rain on the metal roof.
2. Rainstorm
3. The wind in the forest.
4. sounds turbulent flow river
5. Waterfall
6. Sea waves crashing to shore.

How it works

The above circuit include importance components is IC1-MM5837 as a digital noise source IC.

But is modified by insert the proper capacitor unless a sound output like the sound water and Wind in nature.

The connecting circuit is easy. The sound signal from IC1 will be sent out of pin 3 through either C2 or C7 to the ground. To set the various sound.

Six sound effect generator circuit using MM5837

Figure 1 the Six sound effect generators using MM5837

While the signal through R1 to coupling signal to amplify at IC 2 that power up to 1 watt.

The VR1 is volume to adjust the sound low – high as we like.

Then, the signal is amplified will out of pin 5 of IC2 and after that, coupling through capacitor-C10 out of the speaker.

The R3 and C11 will filter high frequency to the ground to reduce the noise signal that do not need.

Because of determine sounds depends on the value of the C2-C7. By using six switches (should use the normally open push button switch or DIP switch as figure 2) to select the each capacitors.

Which we can control the sound out Continuous like the actual condition of the sound. And when push switch simultaneously to more than one.

Like adding capacitance It makes a different sound.

The capacitance of C2-C7 is set from less to much Can be changed to other values. It can be unlimited. Can be changed to a higher value to 1000uF or more.

How to builds
This project is easy to build. we can put all components on to the universal PCB We must look out carefully for is the polarity of electrolytic capacitors and Diodes correctly. Pin of the IC is not an error.

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The components list

Resistors ¼W +5%
R1: 5.1K
R2: 6.8K
R3: 10 ohm
VR1: 10K_Potentiometer

C1, C7: 100uF__25V, Electrolytic
C2: 0.01uF__63V, Polyester
C3, C8, C9, C11: 0.1uF 63V, Polyester
C4: 1uF 25V, Electrolytic
C5: 4.7uF__25V, Electrolytic
C6: 10uF__25V, Electrolytic
C10: 220uF_25V, Electrolytic
IC1: MM5837 Digital Noise Source
IC2: LM386 _Low voltage amplifier
Speaker 4 ohm 1W

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Can you guide me about HIGH PASS FILTER “COIL MAKING”for sound system

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