Morse code generator circuit – simple code learning

Morse code is the signal code used in military communication in the past. But in the present, it is also used among radio amateurs. Let’s learn the basis for the radio communication system by morse code generator circuit.

How this circuit works
Morse code generator circuit

Simple morse code generator circuit diagram

In the circuit diagram. It will produce a loud tone on speaker. First of all, connect a 9V battery to the circuit. When press or tap S1, the circuit will start working.

IC1 is a frequency oscillator in astable multivibrator mode. A positive pulse out of pin 3 to the speaker through the C1—coupling capacitor.

The frequency output depends on the value of R1, C2, and VR1. However, we can rotate VR1 to adjust a shrill tone, high-low from the speaker.

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Parts you will need.
IC1-555 timer IC = 1 pcs.
R1-4.7K, 0.25W resistors = 1 pcs.
VR1- 50K Potentiometer = 1 pcs.
C1,C3-47uF 25V Electrolytic capacitor = 1 pcs.
C2-0.01uF 50V ceramic capacitor = 1 pcs.
9V battery—to power the circuit. Or 9V power supply circuit
S1-Pushbutton switch = 1 pcs.

In past time the pushbutton switch was “straight key”. People tap it to make a morse code easily.

straight key-morse code key switch

How to builds
This circuit has a few parts. So, you can assemble them on perforated the board.

How to use morse code?
We will transmit a message with a series of short and long tones or “dots” and “dashes”, or “dits” and “dahs” in amateur radio.

Then, an expert listener will understand to decodes them into characters or messages.

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Here is international Morse code

1. The length of a dot is one unit.
2. A dash is three units.
3. The space between parts of the same letter is one unit.
4. The space between letters is three units.
5. The space between words is seven units.
international morse code

The most common signal is SOS – three dots, three dashes, and three dots – to appeal for aid. In past time the pushbutton switch was “straight key”. People tap it to make a morse code easily. Learn more morse code

The idea for kids—We may apply this circuit as a game. To play guessing morse code.

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