LM324N circuits

The LM324 circuit – is derived high popular that used in many circuit diagram. Which is a package of four operational amplifiers (OP-AMP) that can be powered by a battery or other single-polarity supply(positive and negative only) over a very wide voltage range.

The four op-amps are installed in a single 14-pin package.

You can use only one of the op-amps or all four.

The current consumption is unaffected by the power supply voltage.


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The specifications of LM324.

1. The power supply voltage range that they use : +3 volts to +30 volts.

2. The power supply current (minimum) that they use : 0.8 milliamperes.

3. The normal output current each op-amp (at pin-output to ground) of : 20 milliamperes typical (10 ma minimum).

4. The output current that flow from the positive supply to output-pin): 8 milliamperes typical (5 mA minimum).

5. The maximum voltage gain (typical) : 100,000. The gain is set by a feedback resistors between output-pin and inverting (-) input.

The application of LM324
The LM324 has numerous circuit application. We can use it in many projects.

Other circuits are recommended.

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