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Have you ever used an LM324 circuit? We may see them in many circuit diagrams. Because they are operational amplifiers (OP-AMP) that require a battery or single-polarity supply(positive and negative only). In over a very wide voltage range.

In single DIP package have 14 pins and four op-amps inside.

You can use only one of the op-amps or all four.

The current consumption is unaffected by the power supply voltage.

LM324 Pinout

LM324 pinout

LM324 OP-Amp

LM324 OP-Amp
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Feature specifications

  • Wide power supply voltage range: 3V to 30V.
  • Use low power supply current (minimum): 0.8 milliamperes.
  • The normal output current each op-amp (at pin-output to the ground) of: 20 milliamperes typical (10 mA minimum).
  • The output current that flows from the positive supply to output-pin: 8 milliamperes typical (5 mA minimum).
  • The maximum voltage gain (typical): 100,000.
  • Set the gain by setting feedback resistors between output-pin and inverting (-) input.

The application
The LM324 has numerous circuit application. We can use it in many projects.

LM324 circuit recommend

The best learning is doing it. I am slowly learning in anything but when I try to do it I will understand. You may be the same as me.

Increase output current of LM324

When we have a low current output of OP-AMP, so cannot use any circuit output. We can increase the OP-AMP output current by this. In-circuit the OP-AMP IC-LM324 up current to 85mA size max.

LM324 circuit

The op-amp output current can generally be in the range of 20 to 40mA.
and The LM324 has numerous applications. Quad/ 1MHz/ Operational Amplifiers for Commercial/ Industrial/ and Military Applications. You will build a light meter that uses all four OP-Amps in LM324 to form a ladder comparator.
But they can provide an output current of 20mA only.

With on the LM324 IC number includes 4 OP-Amps. and 3 OP-amp is applied to parallel together. Therefore the output currents up to 85mA, it also has significant short-circuit protection too.

The properties of frequency response time from 0 Hz to 200 kHz, the R1-(10ohm), and C1-(0.01uF) are for control of isolates within, and R is the 10 ohms to control the flow of the op-amp for each mean much every op-amp.

1kHz bandpass filter circuit

1kHz bandpass filter circuit using LM324

When you want simple bandpass Filter circuit at Frequency 1KHz. We recommend this circuit. Because it uses LM324 op-amp highly popular.

We can change other frequency with R1, C1, C2, and R2.

OP-amp LED flasher – Oscillator circuits

Op-amp LED flasher - oscillator circuit using LM324

The two LEDs will wink to alternate between a Red LED and a Green LED. At 1 cycle per second. Also, be a Square wave generator circuit. Change frequency by C1.

  1. Fuzz audio converter using LM324
  2. Automatic Battery Charger 6V-12V with Relay cut off by LM324
  3. Separate stereo signal with LM324

Food & Water Salinity Tester Meter circuit

salinity tester meter circuit
Why should use it? Eating too much salinity not good for health. You may buy a new one of a salt tester. But creating it is pride. And the use of electronic learning time LM324 too.

Low pass filter subwoofer using LM324

SCHEMATIC of low pass filter subwoofer using LM324

1.5V battery tester circuit

1.2V or 1.5V battery tester circuit using LM324
This  can measure the voltage of the 1.5V battery AA or AAA. As decimal point. Easy to use by LEDs display…

Logic Digital Tester

Logic Digital Tester using LM324
This is Logic Digital Tester Circuit. It uses the level input about 5V and use the integrated circuit LM324. Be Main Part electronics perform Drive All LED. Then use Current very low about 10mA…

Cricket sound effect circuit with buzzer

Cricket Buzzer Generator circuit using LM324

It is a sound effects generator using LM324 op-amp and emits by a buzzer. And they have sound similarly the crickets are singing a couple we’ve ever heard. In-circuit, we don’t use any microcontroller ICs so you can build easily them and also cheaper…. Read more


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  1. I was wondering if you can help me with a contest excercize. Does anyone have idea what circuit requires these parts:

    Resistors, ¼ W:
    10 Ω
    68 Ω
    82 Ω
    100 Ω
    120 Ω
    150 Ω
    220 Ω
    470 Ω
    560 Ω
    1000 Ω – 5 pieces
    2200 Ω
    3300 Ω
    3900 Ω
    10 000 Ω – 2 pieces
    green, yellow, red
    Integratred circuits:
    Source: 9 V


    • Hello Mladen,
      Honestly, I don’t know which circuit these devices use.

      If this is important to you. I cannot confirm. But I would like to comment a little.

      In list has IC-7805. It may be about digital circuits, use 5V. But I can’t confirm that it works normally. Because I and my daughter haven’t tried it yet. We’re sorry to help you less.


  2. Well The 7805 ic in the list above
    is of the family 78xx,which have fixed constant output of 5v 1a
    input voltage ranges from 6v…
    it can be use on any circuit that requires 5v power supply


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