Inverter 100W by IC 4047 + 2N3055 with PCB

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  Posted by momename - June 3, 2007 at 2:31 am

This circuit power Inverter 100W, so input voltage 12V (battery 12V)
to output volt 220V ac 50HZ, it is asy circuit because less component to use.
It use IC CD4047 Squarewave Oscillator 50HZ and
Power Transistor 2N3055 x 2 For driver transformer 220V ac to OUTPUT Power 100W min.

Circuit Inverter 100W by IC 4047 + 2N3055

PCB Inverter 100W by IC 4047 + 2N3055

Source: 97 Electron Circuit

The components lists.
Cx_0.01uF-0.022uF__Ceramic capacitors
ZD1____9V__0.5W__Zener didoe

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