Inverter 100W 12VDC to 220V by IC 4047 – IRF540

This is inverter 100W circuit, use IC 4047 alike inverter 100W transistor I use Mosfet IRF540 instead Transistor 2N3055.

It good Idae, power output 100W from transformer 2-3A.

Read detail more in circuit.
Click to View big size Inverter 100W 12VDC to 220V by IC 4047 - IRF540

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21 thoughts on “Inverter 100W 12VDC to 220V by IC 4047 – IRF540”

  1. thanks alot admin… but plz my problem iz how to wind a transformer manually till it works just by instantly connecting it to 12dc supply. I’ve tried to wind it myself but its not producing a continuous ac power. am saying this coz there’s a man who have been building his and it works well even before connecting the transformer to the circuit!

  2. best greetings
    dear Sir

    it’s gives me much pleasure to write you this Modest words , Sir , I’m looking forward to make cheap converter of 12 VDC into 230 VAC 2000 Watts please give me simple schema to help me for that
    your sincerely

    Mr Aziz El kabboury *
    address key *
    Collge Ahmed El hansali
    at bouhmed rabia*
    Beni Mellal *
    zip 23030 BM*

  3. Have made many of these inverters for friends using bipolars or mos. For transformer, I used
    a high wattage 12 volts center tapped. This is readily available at electronic supply store.

  4. this 100watt inverter with mosfet is not working. mosfet give to me 2v which canot be step up????
    and at the gate of mosfet there are 12v volt then why mosfet not gave me 9v????
    plz answer me sir…………
    i want to submit my project tommorow

  5. can we increase the output power by connecting mosfets in parallel ,do think it really works effectively,i mean does it increase the output power more than 100w

  6. hi vasudev..,
    You can increase the output by connecting 4 mosfet s in paralal. You’ll get 250w-300w power. (Transformer must be rated to 5A)

  7. sir plz heip me.i understand circuit.but i cant do drawing see and plz heip me how i understand. my email id is “” plz help me.

  8. sir I want to specification of transformer to design capacitor filter after output of transformer . please give me inductance value of primary and secondary

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