Four CD4047 Inverter circuits 60W-100W 12VDC to 220VAC

There four  CD4047 inverter circuits can convert 12VDC to 220VAC 50HZ we use IC-4047 for oscillator and transistors driver the transformers to output. we have 3 circuits you can build easily with PCB

CD4047 Inverter circuits 60W-100W 12VDC to 220VAC

100 watts Inverter using IC-4047, IRF540

This is the inverter 100W circuit, use IC 4047 alike inverter 100W transistor I use MOSFET IRF540 instead Transistor 2N3055.

It good Idae, power output 100W from transformer 2-3A.

Read detail more in circuit.

100W inverter using CD4047 IRF540

How to use CD4047 Monostable Astable Multivibrator IC

How it works

The 12V battery comes into the circuit. The IC1 will work as astable multivibrator circuit. Makes it products the square wave frequency, 50Hz out of both pin 10 and pin 11.

Then, the bias gate of both MOSFETs(IRF540) It works alternately the same style as this circuit.

Try 555 and MOSFET inverter circuit

We use CD4047 because the output is 50% duty cycle. It is better than 555 timer IC.

Learn 555 timer works as oscillator

Square wave Inverter using CD4047,LM358,2SC1061,2N3055

This is AC Inverter. Input 12VDC from car battery to output 220V AC 50Hz or 60Hz at Square wave signal.

The main part is  CD4047 (or IC 4047 Series) and IC-LM358 and Transistor 2SC1061 and 2N3055.
The transformer is 10V-CT-10V, Primary : 220V Secondary.
and current 3A up for power output than 100W.
C1 = 0.1uf metalized-film capacitor, 5% tolerance.
R1 = 47K for 50Hz output, 39K for 60Hz output.

square wave inverter using CD4047 LM358, 2SC1061, 2N3055

100W Inverter by IC-4047,2N3055

This is 100W Power Inverter that input voltage is 12V (CAR battery)
to output volt 220V AC 50HZ. It is easy circuit because less component to use.
It is used IC CD4047 Square wave Oscillator 50HZ and
Power Transistor 2N3055 x 2 For driver a transformer 220V AC to OUTPUT Power 100W min.

100W inverter circuit using CD4047 and 2N3055

100 watts Inverter circuit diagram using CD4047 + 2N3055

PCB layout of 100 watts Inverter circuit using IC 4047 + 2N3055

Source: 97 Electron Circuits

The components lists
IC1: CD4047
VR1: 220K, potentiometer
Cx: 0.01uF-0.022uF Ceramic capacitors
ZD1: 9V, 0.5W Zener diode

60 watts DC to AC converters circuit using IC-4047

This is a small AC inverter. There are very small amounts. For the experimental study. Because low power of around less than a 60 watt only. However, you still can get a good basic circuit course.

This circuit we use an IC-4047 as astable/monostable multivibrator that low power is main of circuit.

Small AC inverter using CD4047

In the operation of circuit. To change the 12 volts direct current into AC electricity of 245 volts. Based on circuit in Figure 1 this. IC1 is connected to the astable multivibrator.

There is a Square wave signal appear at output pin + Q and-Q on Symmetric form. Then is amplified by dual Darlington transistors T1(BD699) and T2(BD699), and after then is send to Primary winding of the transformer low voltage (2x10v 60 VA)

The output of 245 volts at the secondary winding of the transformer with a frequency between 50 – 400 Hz, depending on the P1.
The transformer is used in small size input 9 – 10 volts to 220 – 250 volts at a current of 1 Ampere.

LET’s build the DC to AC converter circuit.
12V DC to 220V AC 50HZ about 60 watts output.
Using CD4047 and MOSFET

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