Four CD4047 Inverter circuits 60W-100W 12VDC to 220VAC

There four  CD4047 inverter circuits can convert 12VDC to 220VAC 50HZ we use IC-4047 for oscillator and transistors driver the transformers to output. we have 3 circuits you can build easily with PCB


100 watts Inverter using IC-4047, IRF540

This is inverter 100W circuit, use IC 4047 alike inverter 100W transistor I use Mosfet IRF540 instead Transistor 2N3055.

It good Idae, power output 100W from transformer 2-3A.

Read detail more in circuit.

100W inverter using CD4047 IRF540

Square wave Inverter using CD4047,LM358,2SC1061,2N3055

This is AC Inverter. Input 12VDC from car battery to output 220V AC 50Hz or 60Hz at Square wave signal.

The main part is  CD4047 (or IC 4047 Series) and IC-LM358 and Transistor 2SC1061 and 2N3055.
The transformer is 10V-CT-10V, Primary : 220V Secondary.
and current 3A up for power output than 100W.
C1 = 0.1uf metalized-film capacitor, 5% tolerance.
R1 = 47K for 50Hz output, 39K for 60Hz output.

square wave inverter using CD4047 LM358, 2SC1061, 2N3055

100W Inverter by IC-4047,2N3055

This is 100W Power Inverter that input voltage is 12V (CAR battery)
to output volt 220V AC 50HZ. It is easy circuit because less component to use.
It is used IC CD4047 Square wave Oscillator 50HZ and
Power Transistor 2N3055 x 2 For driver a transformer 220V AC to OUTPUT Power 100W min.

Circuit Inverter 100W by IC 4047 + 2N3055

PCB Inverter 100W by IC 4047 + 2N3055

Source: 97 Electron Circuits

The components lists
Cx_0.01uF-0.022uF__Ceramic capacitors
ZD1____9V__0.5W__Zener didoe

60 watts DC to AC converters circuit using IC-4047

This is a small AC inverter. There are very small amounts. For the experimental study. Because low power of around less than a 60 watt only. However, you still can get a good basic circuit course.

This circuit we use an IC-4047 as astable/monostable multivibrator that low power is main of circuit.

Small AC inverter using CD4047

In the operation of circuit. To change the 12 volts direct current into AC electricity of 245 volts. Based on circuit in Figure 1 this. IC1 is connected to the astable multivibrator. There is a Square wave signal appear at output pin + Q and-Q on Symmetric form. Then is amplified by dual Darlington transistors T1(BD699) and T2(BD699) , and after then is send to Primary winding of the transformer low voltage (2x10v 60 VA)

The output of 245 volts at the secondary winding of the transformer with a frequency between 50 – 400 Hz, depending on the P1.
The transformer is use in small size input 9 – 10 volts to 220 – 250 volts at a current of 1 Ampere.


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Abbey nobleman

Pls how to build inverter 2.5kv, it’s project i need step to step explaination

Abbey nobleman

Pls how to build inverter 2.5kv, it’s project i need step to step explaination. This my mail ( [email protected] ) thanks


thanks alot admin… but plz my problem iz how to wind a transformer manually till it works just by instantly connecting it to 12dc supply. I’ve tried to wind it myself but its not producing a continuous ac power. am saying this coz there’s a man who have been building his and it works well even before connecting the transformer to the circuit!

MR aziz

best greetings dear Sir it’s gives me much pleasure to write you this Modest words , Sir , I’m looking forward to make cheap converter of 12 VDC into 230 VAC 2000 Watts please give me simple schema to help me for that your sincerely Mr Aziz El kabboury * researcher* address key * Collge Ahmed El hansali at bouhmed rabia* Beni Mellal * zip 23030 BM* Morocco


Plz Sent me a simple project in my mail id

bankole michael fem

Please I need a circuit diagram of 1500w of inverter that dc is 12 0 12 and 24 0 24 that operate in digital


Have made many of these inverters for friends using bipolars or mos. For transformer, I used
a high wattage 12 volts center tapped. This is readily available at electronic supply store.


this 100watt inverter with mosfet is not working. mosfet give to me 2v which canot be step up????
and at the gate of mosfet there are 12v volt then why mosfet not gave me 9v????
plz answer me sir…………
i want to submit my project tommorow


i need a circuit for the power supply assignment with input of 220v AC nd output of DC

Fire Sprinkler System

Really no matter if someone doesn’t understand after that its up to other
people that they will assist, so here it occurs.


Please i need step to step explanation on how to make a simple inverter of jst 100vdc.thanks


please give ic 4047cd,irf540 functions,working,circuit diagram


please send m d working of 100 waatts , ic 4047 with mosfet irf540
plz rply by mail [email protected]

sanjed arfin

i want pcb layout sir, plz help me ……..


can we increase the output power by connecting mosfets in parallel ,do think it really works effectively,i mean does it increase the output power more than 100w

Prasanjit Basak

Please send me the working of this inverter..


hi vasudev..,
You can increase the output by connecting 4 mosfet s in paralal. You’ll get 250w-300w power. (Transformer must be rated to 5A)


sir plz heip me.i understand circuit.but i cant do drawing see and plz heip me how i understand. my email id is “[email protected]” plz help me.

nilesh kathar

sir I want to specification of transformer to design capacitor filter after output of transformer . please give me inductance value of primary and secondary


I need a schematic circuit for an inverter that inverts 24Vdc to 220Vac with 200W power


Is there any replacement for BD249? Thanks.


i Want inverter manufacturing Procedere and main components of its.


I need a schematic circuit for an conductivity analyzer in pspice.please help me


i want inverter manufacturing Procedere and main components of its,
and the verious functioning of component (thier role in the circuit).

Otoide Robert Omofoma

Please what is the cost of running a solar+inverter connection for a two rooms apartment and will appreciate a circuit diagram.


mini car inverter circuit of 60watts using CD4047 ka complit kit chahiye speed post se mil sakta hai kya ?


How come a 9-0-9 1.5A transformer serves 100Watt? Simple physics suggests its good enough for 14.5 watt max. Stop ruining the internet by publishing these shits all over the website. NONE of your circuits are based on facts, most of them are untested and not working. HATE HATE and HATE for you!

Rene Jams

i find that stuff interesting** ►► 2. 100W Square wave Inverter by CD4047, LM358 ◄◄ → 4k7 resistors noise filter and smooth OpAmp inputs → low bandwith , low slew rate Op Amps !! quite likely !! provide non-overlapping drive for power switches → no unnecessary components — nice , simple , clear (although as the previous comment states – you need a good transformer and or cooling – to run it more than apx. 2 seconds on 100W output) + as i’m not too familiar with such designs — if we have a secondary open then the power likely… Read more »


is it posssible to invert 1.5 volts into 220 volts

Krishna thakur

I have a problem, sir.
My quarry is, how to control inverter’s output voltage? (100watt 250volt ,with ic CD4047)


in what ic can use when it run the washing machine .


You sure it work?


what are the components given in the circuit

boanerges pereira dab silva

o cd4047 pode trabalhar em onda senoidal?


Hi boanerges pereira dab silva,

No, Use ICL8038 better. Keep Reading:


Please after designing my inverter with 4047, one of the output of Q goes high contineusly.
Please what can I do to bring both output pin 10 and 11 at same level.
Send me reply and thanks in anticipation.

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