IC 555 LED Flasher

This is easy dual LED Flasher circuit. It use IC-555 timer IC as the basic astable multi vibrator circuit

This circuit you see the look of the asable mutivibrator by the IC-555 timer.


Which I don’t tell to you in more detail,because I used to suggests in this
now we would like you to see the dual LEDs glow with alternately flash ON and OFF(see video below)
as you rotate a potentiomer-220K

We will use both resistors-470 ohms to controls the brightness of each LEDs.
If you use 12-volts power supply from a normally battery, you should use as above resistors are 680 ohms to 1K to protects LEDs.

If you firstly test the circuit on bread board same me, we don’t need to put C-100uF electrolytic capacitors because we use clearly DC voltage from battery.

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