IC 555 LED Flasher

This is easy dual LED Flasher circuit. It uses IC-555 timer IC as the basic astable multivibrator circuit

This circuit you see the look of the cable multivibrator by the IC-555 timer.

Dual LED flasher using 555

Which I don’t tell you in more detail, because I used to suggest in this
now we would like you to see the dual LEDs glow with alternately flash ON and OFF(see video below)
as you rotate a potentiometer-220K

We will use both resistors-470 ohms to controls the brightness of each led.
If you use the 12-volt power supply from a normal battery, you should use as above resistors are 680 ohms to 1K to protects LEDs.

If you first test the circuit on breadboard same me, we don’t need to put C-100uF electrolytic capacitors because we use clearly DC voltage from the battery.

What is more?  Play light bulbs, OK?

Learn: How does NE555 timer circuit work

The Components list

IC1: NE555 Timer IC
0.25W Resistors, tolerance: 5%
R1, R2: 1.5K
R3, R4: 470Ω/1K
VR1: 220K Potentiometer
C1: 10uF 16V Electrolytic Capacitor
C2: 0.01uF 50V Ceramic Capacitor
LED1, LED2: Any Color as you like

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Table Lamp Circuit using 555

If you want Power Lamp Flasher at give electric tall power.

Table Lamp Circuit by IC 555

As a result try out Table Lamp Circuit the this. It uses the integrated circuit NE555 be pillar equipment. Control the rate blinks of Lamp.

Get , for the transistor power make Lamp 12V electric tall power about 20W or use current 1.6A stick bright get.

The Q3 can use replace get many the number such as TIP41 or H1061 or MJ3055 or will use 2N3055.

The detail is other see in the circuit

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  1. I have been searching for quite some time for this exact circuit, I knew it was out there… somewhere. Thank you for putting a simple straight forward circuit on line because I am going to build it. It is especially helpful because you showed how it works with the video clip. How many days do you believe the 9VDC battery will last if left on until the battery is depleted entirely? Also, do I understand correctly, if I use a 12VDC power supply I should replace the 470 ohm R’s w/ 1,000 ohm R’s?


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