4 Home disco light circuits using SCR-555-4017

These are 4 ideas of cheap home disco light circuit. Friends like listening to Rock music would like these circuits. It enhances your music listening more colorful. Will see that we use the SCR is a notable parts. and used the music to controlled lamps easily.

Home disco lights circuit

6 Light Running by IC 4017 and SCR

Today I begs for to advise 6 Light Running Circuit. It suits the festival for the beauty and good strange-looking. It use IC 4017, IC 555 for Pulse Generator give with IC 4017 Display Lamp with SCR Circuit. FOR Drive Lamp 220V 650Watt per Lamp channels. For VR1- 100K perform fine decorate the speed of Lamp 220V follow want. This circuit is model to simple, but must be careful relate home Lamp.

lamp running litht using 4017 and SCR

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Mini AC Lamp Flasher follow Audio using SCR

Mini AC Lamp Flasher follow Audio using SCR

This is Mini AC Lamp Flasher 600watt follow Audio. channel one size. It has can to fine sending bright level with VR1-10K. And use SCR can build Load or Lamp altogether get 600Watt not exceed such as Lamp 60Watt about 6 pcs. Lamp 100Watt 4 pcs amounts etc. This circuit applies to AC 220V 50HZ. The equipment is a little but a friend must is careful please , because apply to , AC 220V dangerous.

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Sound Light 650 watts Lamp Flasher

This is Sound Light 650 watt perform change sound of side music input be Lamp Flasher follow the level sound tone. Which there is 3 the level together , be the pitch is low. The sound is middle and tall sound. By each the group applies to ac lamp at use force against 650watt not exceed electricity and LAMP that use 6.3V or friends will use 12V sizes all right. But must use power supply 12V AC with. Besides SCR that use must durable current get tall about 4A with. The detail is other , a friend can see in the circuit yes.

Sound Light 650 watts Lamp Flasher

AC light flashing power lamp using SCR

AC light flashing power lamp using SCR

This circuit uses a half cycle of AC power Voltage , for feed give with AC Lamp. The part again a half cycle that go to give with capacitor C1. For build voltage to feed reach a pin G of SCR. When arrive at the dot at firing angle SCR will lead the electric current and let Current at still remain again a half cycle. This change reach at AC lamp make lamp stick can wink. By capacitor appraise 100uF 50V, R1 equal to 2.7K , R2 = 22K , R3 = 3.3K , VR4 = 100K use for fine the speed in winking of Lamp. D1-D2 number HEP R0053 ,SCR number GEC106B1 , which set up on let off the heat with.

This is Audio Transformer Through Hole
Audio Transformer Through Hole

SCR number—Some ask me what is SCR number? I often use TIC106D number. Because it has rate: 5A 400V or 1000W maximum. And it is inexpensive just 1$US.

Image source:TIC106D


I always try to make Electronics Learning Easy.

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  1. good day;
    first of all thanks for the circuit!
    i just want to ask what is the ratio of transformer? thank you so much! 😀

  2. 6 Light Running by IC 4017 and SCR. Fajny , prosty układ, tylko na tyle prosty, że nie ma prawa działać. Chociaż w Ameryce… 🙂

  3. In the very first circuit, the return path of all the lamps does not connect to the AC mains! I don’t know how the lamps will operate in this manner.


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