12V, 10A Regulated Power Supply

This is 12V 10A regulated Power supply circuit with PCB Layout. We use LM723 HIGH PRECISION VOLTAGE REGULATOR and 2N3055 power NPN transistor as main parts.

The two 2N3055 x 2 to increase current up form LM723. We need to use 10A transformer, the power transistors to hold Heat-sink.

In circuit, we can adjust easily the output voltage with VR1 – 1K.

12V, 10A Regulated Power Supply Using IC 723+2N3055

12V 10 amp power supply circuit using LM723 and 2N3055

My friend wants the 12V Power supply for High Current 10A load. I tries to search see meet this circuit will is appropriate.

Because of use IC-LM723. It is the integrated circuit Voltage Regulator at good one although older already. But still be usable well. Fine decorate voltage output with well.

Besides still have the transistor 2N3055 numbers are highly popular transistors again the one number.


Make all equipment of this circuit seeks easy certainly. If friends want to give 10A electric tall currents. Should use a pot transforms the sky that has 10A sizes with.

For VR1 give for fine decorate voltage output get as well be can fine about 0-16V.  Or 13.8 volts 10A 

The detail is other, please see in the circuit better.

PCB of Regulator 12V 10A by IC 723+2N3055

PCB layout of 12V 10 amp power supply circuit using LM723 2N3055

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10 thoughts on “12V, 10A Regulated Power Supply”

  1. Hi,please help. in PCB is it indicated capacitor 4700uf /50V . in circuit is it indicated 10000 uf/ but no indicated the voltage.
    wath volts is recomended for 13,8V /10Amp?
    you have a components mask?for assemble PCB.
    Thank You.

  2. Hi.please.wath modification is necessary in this circuit 12v 10a with ic723 , 2n3055.for varible voltage of 0-16V? thank you.

  3. Hello

    I like to build this circuit and make the PCB but the layout is not the correct size,can you please send me the PCB with the correct size…

    many thanks


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