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Ham radio power supply circuit with RFI elimination

This is the Ham radio power supply circuit with RFI elimination for Amateur radio.A typically Radio transmitters use High-frequency transistors as a current driver so can cause very severe electromagnetic. Therefore, The power supply must be able to make the current higher than 10A.

the schematic diagram of RF immune power supply with RFI elimination

Figure 1 the schematic diagram

RFI elimination
This circuit must have the RFI(Radio Frequency Interference) eliminate system or filter too much harmonic effect.

More Ideas
The output is 13.8 volts and has the short Circuit protection
We want a circuit that is affordable, and easy to build. The use of the package IC number LM350T 3-Amp Adjustable Regulators, with an excellent cooling system.

We need to set the voltage across ICs about 3A, to reduce stress on the IC.

Our approach to parallel the all Ics together, making it apply high current output. But because it may malfunction. We need to divide it into two section are:

The first IC (IC1) for a reference voltage to the IC, the three disciplines. (IC2, IC3, IC4) and adjust the output voltage by P1, P2, P2.

the voltage of IC1 is controlled by the network resistors R1, R5, and R2, R3
– we should put Rs at each the output to adjust the stability of all ICs. We adapted Rs wire size 0.7 mm with a length of about 30 CM.

Details of other creation see in Figure 2 and Figure 3.

the PCB layout
Figure 2 the PCB layout

the components layout
Figure 3 the components layout

Parts you will need
Resistors 0.5W
R1________47 ohms
R2,R3_____1 ohms
R5________560 ohms
P1,P2,P3___50 ohms potentiometer

C1,C3,C5,C7_____4700uF 35V____Electrolytic Capacitors
C2,C4,C6,C8_____100uF 25V____Electrolytic Capacitors
C9-C12__________100nF 50V___Polyester Capacitors

B1_______BD352___10A Bridge Diode
IC1-IC4___LM350T____3-Amp Adjustable Regulators

T1____Toroidal transformer 2x18V 6A
and others

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