DIY inductor coil from compact Fluorescent Light

Last updated on July 13th, 2021 at 07:33 pm

Hi Friends.
In the present a small electronics invention. Most of these types of switching circuit. is…
An Inductor (or coil) is one device To create problems for me To buy or use. But it is only simply a wire wound into a coil and usually around ferrite core because they have high value and also small. I like to use it.

This is DIY inductor coil from Compact Fluorescent Light. I like free and enjoy creating odd things. A Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb is a device that uses high-frequency switching.So there is coil inside them. Therefore I will keep the Compact Fluorescent Light Bulb burned out. To apply an inductor from them as Figure 1.

Many the compact Fluorescent Light Bulb burned out

Figure 1 Many the compact Fluorescent Light Bulb burned out.

When I make low current and a high-frequency switching circuit. I use a toroidal core that removes from the PCB. As Figure 2.

Remove the coil on toroidal core

Figure 2 Remove the coil on toroidal core (DIY inductor coil)

Suppose that we want to have the coil inductance is 100uH. as The High power 6 LED Flashlight for 1.5V AA battery project.Then we measure the inductance of it. It appears that the value is 200uH. To remove the wire to low as Video below then measure it again.

How to make inductor 100uH

Modify the toroidal coil into 100uH
Finally, we have the induction, according to need is 100uH. as Figure 3

Update: As I use wire 24 AWG turn on a 10mm toroidal coil is 10 times

Measure the inductor as I need

Figure 3 Measure the inductor as I need.

Next, I test it on The High power 6 LED Flashlight for 1.5V AA battery project as Figure 4 it works as well same original parts.

The high power LED flashligh works well

Figure 4 The high power LED flashligh works well.

I hope this way can help you save. And reduce global warming too.


I always try to make Electronics Learning Easy.


  1. prits

    Hello. Sir! Thank u 4 this. Can you help me in doing 12v, 8 watt, audio amplifier..reply

  2. vasudev

    hi admin does the multimeter u use has inductance measurement property & how much did it cost ,because i want to have one (don’t mistake me i just want to know the cost of it)

  3. ramadan

    Can we modified the CLF (compact light florescent) circuit into induction heater circuit thank you

  4. Atta-ur-Rehman

    Hi Sir,

    I am new in electronics but i know some compunents and I want to know a best electronics. How can i know the best electronics will u help me?

  5. NEILivan

    Greetings, Sir! Your information is very useful and it helps me a lot.
    I want to know Sir what is the wattage of the CFL?

  6. Awak Awai

    If I use 2.5mm NYA cable to make an air core coil, is it possible? If possible, how many turn should I apply to make 30A 40uH air core inductor?

    • Hello Awak Awai,

      Thanks for your visit. This idea is suitable for small circuits. The toroidal coil is small.

      If you use 30A you need to use big wires and core.

      Yes, you can use Air core. and measure it, to check the inductance.


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