Learn voltage divider circuit works with rule and calculating

We used to use voltage dividers very often. Why do we use them in circuits? And How to use it? Let me explain to you understand the voltage divider rule. And can calculate in a simple way. Even, this is suitable for a beginner. Are you the pro? Sometimes, may forget some point that can … Read more

What is Zener diode? Its principle working and example usage

Zener diode principle working example usage

We often use a Zener diode in a lot of the electronic circuits. For instance, power supplies, voltage detectors, etc. It is so helpful device in electronics. But…Do you understand good enough?
Today we will learn Zener diode principle working and example applications usage. Read more

Resistor color code and how it works

Resistor color code how it works

Let me tell you about the resistor color code, how it works, and Standard resistor values. We often look at a lot of resistors in many electronic circuits. Do you know how to use it? How it works. I think it is a very important electronic device. If you do not have them. Your project … Read more