DC Supply adjustable Voltage 0-20V at 1A

This circuit is simple dc power supply adjustable voltage 0-20V at 1A. Which use common components that easy to buy in many store, and use transistors is main and control the voltage by potentiometer.

Today a friend comes to see at a house lead electronics old equipment come to amount of. He consults me that what is set equipment should build electronics project ? good. I then advise that try build DC Supply adjustable Voltage Circuit. all right by can fine voltage get , 0-20V at 1A max . Convenient for the circuit experiences general at want tall quality little because be model Regulated with. My friend will think to apply with Pre tone Amplifier Circuit, at use the transistor also. By you can use the transistor can replace many the number such as number TIP41 or TIP31 , or H1061 or C1061 or MJE3055. Fining decorates VR1 -5K make Voltage output modify from 0V to 20V. Besides should use a pot transforms the sky 2A sizes. Will have then current output 1A min. The detail is other see in the circuit.

DC Supply adjustable Voltage 0-20V at 1A


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