Timer control 1-15 minutes by Triac 2N6075 and LM555-LM358

Most timer circuits. Often used with electrical transformers containing low as 9V and 12V, and use of electrical control relays.but the 1-15 minute timer circuit.It uses a triac instead of electrical control.This can be used with a 220V power house it is not connected to the transformer. Make smaller and easy to use.
This circuit is divided into three parts: work special high-voltage level, the scheduling and control electrical appliances.
When 220V power supply circuit R1, C1 and ZD1 a special level voltage 220V to rest 10V. The 10V input voltage is power supply to IC1 No. 555. which is part timer.Which is set by R3 and C3 at a specified time period you want.Thus, when switch S1 (Start) IC1 work out a pulse signal generator via the output pin 3 of IC1.The VR1 function timer from 1-15 minutes. Then sent into the period to pin 2 of IC2 number LM358. Which is controlled electrical appliances. The output of IC2 to expand a pin 1 with a voltage of about 5V. to stimulate the pin to the gate (G) of a Triac T1. which a triac acts as a switch on and off electrical appliances.When pressure on the to stimulate pin G a Triac will conduct between MT1 and MT2 pins result appliances are working fluorescent light. And after the set time-out quits and IC2 to stop the flow with the Triac. Which IC2 stopped work, simply hit the switch S2 to reset or unplug any.

If you you want to see a simple timer circuit using IC-555, please below.

555 IC Timer control relay Switch

This is easy Timer circuit projects. Control by relay. It use IC 555.
This the circuit sets the time to are simple one that interesting , because use IC LM555 Timer be 8 pin integrated circuits. But can set the time accurate can use by fine while VR1 , and use the the Secretariat of the Senate reset the system is new. When want to set the time new every time for electric appliances supervision as a result can control with Relay Switch normal.
555 IC Timer control relay Switch


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