Experiment with adjustable transistor circuits partially on-off

Experiment with adjustable transistor circuits partially on-off

In the previous articles, we learned about using a transistor as a switch, that was, either completely on or off. But circuits such as the audio amplifiers will require the transistor to be partially on, which is very interesting. But it can be quite a difficult subject for beginners who just started learning electronics to … Read more

How does NE555 timer circuit work | Datasheet | Pinout

How does 555 timer circuit works | Datasheet | Pinout

Have you ever used the NE555 timer? The 555 (read “triple five”) is a short way of saying LM555 or SE555 or NE555. I have used it for 36 years. Now, it still is not out of date. Why would we keep using it? Let me explain how to use it in a simple way. … Read more

Learn voltage divider circuit works with rule and calculating

We used to use voltage dividers very often. Why do we use them in circuits? And How to use it? Let me explain to you understand the voltage divider rule. And can calculate in a simple way. Even, this is suitable for a beginner. Are you the pro? Sometimes, may forget some point that can … Read more