Multi function digital frequency meter circuit 0-100MHz


The Multi function digital frequency meter circuit 0-100MHz, is an instrument that can measurement many things in a single display with LED 7 segment 8 digit. The controls measures sector as well as the display is used a single master IC. Is A good IC of Intersil Corporation. ICM 7226B is a single IC at … Read more

The experimentation of 2 bit binary counter using CD4027 SN7473

2 bit-binary counter using cd4027

We are experimental to create a simple counter circuit today, is a 2-bit binary counters.Which consists of the gate and flip-flop both of TTL-IC type. We use the ICs are NAND Gate number: SN7400N and the flip-flop No: SN7473N, which consists of JK-FF two pieces. We use only one at a time, so can try … Read more