Big digital clock circuit without microcontroller

This is a Big digital clock circuit without microcontroller for large size: 6 CM, cause can see clear on Very clearly in the range of 10 meters, even in the dark, because the display is easy to read numbers.

This projects use all CMOS ICs that easy to buy in store than the Cheap Digital time clock with alarm circuit by LM8560

The working principle

Look at Figure 1 is block diagram main principle of this projects. To begin with an 50Hz signal from AC line at our home, then it will be convert waveform from sinewave to digital signal in square of 50 Hz, then to feeds a 3000 counter circuit (with divided frequency inside).
Which this frequency 50 Hz, for 1 second will have the 50 cycle, so when we can count of 3000 cycle to must the times for 60 second. Which equals 1 minute digits there.

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block diagram of jumbo digital clock circuit

Figure 1 is block diagram of jumbo digital clock circuit.

Therefore, when the 3000 counter circuit counts wave of 3000 cycle (1 minute). Then it will send the signal to a sixty counter circuit to add the numbers in the minutes digits of the clock in one step.

Next recounts in 3000 cycle. Then send to the sixty counter in new continuously until to 59 digits, then will reverse into 0 number new.

In this time period will send signal to the thirteen counter add next step one and upto 12 digits, then will back to 0 number new then continues.

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On base of principle we come to see real circuit in Figure 2 Diode (D1-D4), Capacitors(C1), Resistor (R2) and Zener diode (ZD1) acts as convert AC 12 volts is DC and The ability to maintain the regulated supply. The resistors R1,R3 and C2,IC1/1 are convert circuit to IC2.


Figure 2 The Jumbo digital clock.

Which worked together with IC3 is the 3000 counter circuit. And divide frequency at pin 2 of IC2 will connected to base of transistor Q1, cause LED1-4 flash with frequency of 0.78 Hz


IC4, IC1/3, IC1/4 work together with the sixty counter circuit , next IC7, IC9/1, IC9/2, IC9/3 and Diode D5 work with into the 13 counter circuit.

Q2 acts as driver to LED119-LED128 display minute digits of hours( since 10,11 and 12 hour)

– Then IC5, IC6 and IC8 will decode on minute and hour digits to display clock number. Which use LED5-LED118.

– For each of the digit have Structure to be used as Figure 2. Which are seen as the LED on the main number to 38 pcs. Make large numbers more beautiful.

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Idea to builds

This project is very detailed. I recommend just creating a concept only.
Note: Because this project We have not created their own If you are interested in building this project. Require careful enough.


Figure 3 PCB layout of the controller circuit section


Figure 4 PCB layout of LED Display section

components-layout-of-jumbo digital clock

Figure 5 All components layout of this project

Components List

IC1: CD4093
IC2: CD4040
IC3: CD4068
IC4,IC7: CD4518
IC5, IC6, IC8: CD4511
Q1,Q2: BC549, transistors
D1-D4: 1N4003__Diodes
D5: 1N4148 Diodes
ZD1: 12V 500mW, Zener Diode
C3,C4: 300pF 50V Ceramic capacitors
C2: 0.0047uF 50V Ceramic
C1: 1000uF 25V, Electrolytic capacitors = 1 pcs.
LED1-LED128: LED: red rectangle form = 128 pcs.

Resistors 0.25W 5%
R1,R6,R21,R22: 10K
R2: 470 ohms
R3: 470K
R4: 330 ohms
R5,R32: 100K
R7,R10,R13,R14,R17,R20,R23,R26,R29: 150 ohms
R8,R9,R11,R12,R15,R16,R18,R24,R25,R27,R28: 180 ohms
S1, S2: Normally Open Pushbutton Switch

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18 thoughts on “Big digital clock circuit without microcontroller”

  1. Hi,
    I have created this circuit successfully, but there is one issue, the thirteen counter started from 0-12, but actual time start from 1-12 so no need of 0, I don’t know what is the reason to add 0 in hour digit so kindly inform me how can we escape this non using 0.
    Naveed Anjum
    SWG Technical Specialist.
    Cell 0092-333-2224803

  2. Hi, Momename
    Thanks for your reply, yes circuit is working absolutely fine, but its logic of development is not good, there is no required of 0 digit in hour segment, so unfortunately may I break it and remove my all components, if you want then I can show you working circuit, please share your email or anything else where can I show you.
    Naveed Anjum

  3. Dear Momename,
    I am interested in big digital wall clock PCB, found you have the same. Is it possible to collect minimum quantity of the PCB or with the all parts of the circuits. If possible to deliver it to Bangladesh, then what will be the price of the PCB and the components and transport cost.
    Mohammed Humayun Kabir Khan

  4. Hai Naveed Anjum.
    ITS not difficult solving your problem. Just see datasheet that PIN 11and 12 of Ic7 connected to Ic9/1 and ten, PIN 6 should be connected to reset PIN of Ic7, and must gives result to zero not one.
    By the way i wanna know why Ic9/2 and Ic9/3 present in the circuit. Mau little bit wrong though not significant

  5. Okay Naveed Anjum, what ia different of Ic4 and Ic7, try to be unfunctioned Ic9/2 , remove c4 330pf and connect PIN 1 and 2 to PIN 14, hence Ic9/3 act as not, then please try. If cant, more action is then remove D5 1N914. If cant, please discuss using datasheet and ask Yahoo. If you do it let me know at SMS or WhatsApp 0812 7049 2810 and 0896 2493 5815 indonesian celluler.

  6. Sir, I would like to build this wall clock, please may I have this working schematic diagram . Thanking you in advance.


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