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An electronic device needs to use a power. We have a lot of power supply circuit. We recommend the example tag: (It may make you find the circuit easier.)Fixed voltage regulator :: 3-volts :: 5-volts :: 6-volts :: 9-volts :: 12-volts :: 15-volts :: Protection :: Transformerless :: Negative Power Supplies :: Dual output power supply :: Variable DC Power Supply :: 0-30V DC Power SupplyAdjustable DC power supplies :: Switching power supply :: High current :: High voltage :: Zener Diode Regulators :: Multi voltage regulated :: 7805 Regulator Circuits :: LM317 Circuits :: PC power supply circuits
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12V 3A Switching Regulator circuit  using LM2576-12
The schematic diagram of 12V 3A switching power supply using LM2576-12

12V 3A Switching Regulator circuit using LM2576-12

Here is a 12V 3A Power Supply Switching Regulator circuit,  or Step down DC Converter  voltage. Use IC LM2576-12 SIMPLE SWITCHER High Efficiency 3A Step-Down Voltage Regulator. Input DC Voltage 40Vmax and 16Vmin 3A.

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