CD4013 Datasheet |Dual D-type Flip-flops | Example Circuits

When seeing CD4013 in general electronic circuits. We know that it is a digital CMOS chip. But how to use it? This article has answers. Understanding it easily use as a basic system.

The CD4013 or IC-4013 is a CMOS logic chip with two D-Type (DATA) Flip-flops. A clock pulse flow to C (clock pin), will store the data at the D input. Connect clock and both Q output to make a toggle flip-flop for counting.

CD4013 Datasheet |Dual D-type Flip-flops | Example Circuits

CD4013 Pinout

Of course, when wanting to use any IC. It is necessary to know the leg of it well enough. The CD4013 is no exception. See below is its pinout.

CD4013 pinout

Block diagram or Functional Diagram Inside CD4013-Dual D-type Flip-flops

Functional Diagram of CD4013

The importance Pins look at the table below.
1.) Pin 14 is a positive power supply and pin 7 is a ground.

The power supply range of 3 volts to 16 volts and Maximum supply voltage at pin 14 must not much than 18 volts.


See in the truth table of 4013

1. The first column in the truth table is for the clock input.
They have three states are (1). The rising edge of a clock pulse.
(2.) the falling edge of a pulse, and (3.) Nevermind

The 4013 responds only to the rising edge of a pulse.

Notice that both the R(reset) and S(set) inputs can both be “0” (Low) But not 1 (High-disallowed)

Both the output pin has always different states. If Output 1 is “0” then output 2 is “1”.

Using 74HC4013 High-speed CMOS

We know that the CMOS chip has disadvantages, it is slow, but if you want to work as fast as a TTL chip. We should change to use the 74HC4013 family of CMOS. We can easily avoid the disadvantages.

Many 4013 circuits

We can use 4013 in many ways. Look at below for example how to use them.

Divide by two

Divide by 2 using 4013

When we enter a signal with a high frequency to the input of IC-4013. It will divide the frequency by two. For example, you enter 1KHz frequency. Then, the output is 500Hz in the same waveform.

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  1. hi i have a digital rev counter fited to a single cly two stoke engine,it indicates twice the rpm,would your cd4013 be suitable to half the single i need a flip flop that runs with 12volt feed.if this is all wrong what would you recommend many thanks jon.


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