Dual-Output Adjustable Linear Regulated Power Supply Kit

Today I and my son want to builds the Dual-output adjustable power supply. On our sites have this Dual power supply 3V,5V,6V,9V,12,15V with LM317,LM337 but it big size scale so we find more kit internet.

This projects contains everything you need to build an adjustable dual-output regulated linear power supply Kit. It is capable of outputting positive or negative voltages from +/-1.2VDC to +/-15VDC. Current output is up to 750mA. There is an power ON LED indicator and two 3-terminal adjustable regulators with thermal overload protection. The regulators have heat sinks for cooling.

Power supply Kit :
For each supply is 5VDC @ 500mA, 10VDC @ 750mA, 12VDC @ 500mA, and 15VDC @ 750mA.


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