Three bounceless switch circuit using digital IC

These are a simple bounceless switch circuit. It is one kind of electronic switches, high quality, and low noise. They are suitable for the digital circuits.

If gets a normal switch to use in the digital circuit. Often It usually has easily problems signal noise. So the circuit can work a lot of mistakes.

3 Simple Bounceless switch circuits using Digital IC

Now, I have three examples of a simple circuit diagram for you.
First, Using CD4049 Hex Inverting Buffer as RS flip-flops.
Second, Using famous 4011 NAND gate as RS flip-flops.
Third, Using the best famous 555 timers as the monostable multivibrator.

Simple bounceless switch circuit using CD4049

simple bounceless switch circuit using CD4049

This circuit uses a basic digital IC, CD4049 Hex Inverting Buffer. This circuit is working in RS flip-flops mode. So, the output signal is highly certain. There are other devices only 2 resistors. The switch S1 should be microswitches 3 leg.

Simple Bounceless Switch by IC4011

simple bounceless switch circuit using IC4011

Sometimes I cannot get the 4049 inverting IC. But I collect the many 4011 quad NAND gate on my store. The 4011 is famous more than 4049.

Also, we can use IC-4011 into the bounceless switch circuit.
In the circuit above. You will see the input of 4011 is connected to be the inverting gate.
So, the circuit is RS flip-flops mode like the above circuit. It is easy to make one certain logic. When you press S1 with one time. Then, the output is one high logic only.

Both this circuit use RS flip-flops. Which it has too many details. I will explain you in later.

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Bounceless switch using NE555

simple bounceless switch circuit using IC NE555

When you see this circuit. You may smiles. We will use the famous 555 again.
We also can take it to make the simple bounceless switch circuit in above.
It is a simple timer using the 555 monostable multivibrators.
Each time a pushbutton-S1 is briefly pressed. The output pin 3 make DC pulse for 0.1second.

I hope three circuits will be the ideas for you to make the good projects.


I always try to make Electronics Learning Easy.

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  1. I have built a bounceless switch years ago….
    but the one I built had 4 switches and 4 led.
    I was able to count binary using the led.With breadboard attached I was able to check other
    IC. As years went by I have lost my bread/board. Would you have a plan to build another?Or a kit……

    [email protected]


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