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Add Beautiful Car brake light circuit using BC327

We will add beauty to CAR brake light circuit. With a display of 14 LEDs, visible clearly, for safety and beautiful. The installation format can fix by oneself as you like it. This circuit use the astable multivibrator for generate a oscillate frequency so all LED flashing.

The working of the circuits

Add Beautiful Car brake lights using BC327

Figure 1 : CAR brake light circuit

When enter the light brake voltage, makes have power supply 12V come in cause LED6-LED9 glow or On. Besides the trend will flow to change R2 go to bias pin base of Q1-BC327 PNP transistor and Q2-BC327, causes LED1-LED5 and LED11-LED14 the bright up. Which there are R1 and R3 help to limit a current that flow through LEDs enough liberate brake power supply 12V disappear make LED every switch off.

The components list.
Q1,Q2_______________BC327____50V 1A PNP transistorrs
LED1-LED14__________LED display as you want.
R1,R4_______________22 ohms 0.5 watts 5% resistors
R2__________________390 ohms_0.5 watts 5% resistors
R3__________________500 ohms__0.5 watts 5% resistors

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