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Bike tail LED light flashing

This is a bike tail LED light flashing as the planet Bike Blinky Safety. When we use the bicycle(normal bike) at night. we used IC1 IC555 Oscillator signal is output to a lot LED super bright.

Bicycle tail light flashing

Present roads in good condition than the former roads, the traffic is convenient. But often car ran high speeds. When we use the bicycle(normal bike) at night. Although we will attach the reflective sheeting at the end of the bicycle. But it could be dangerous. We should attack the planet Bike Blinky Safety at the end of our bike would be better.

Operation of the circuit we used IC1 NE555 Oscillator signal is output at pin 3 of IC1, which frequency can be determined by R1, R2, C1 and output voltage to a current flowing into pin B of Q2. Q2 makes LED1-LED10 will light work. However, if the output signal voltage is 0 volts, Q1 will work,The Q2 stopped LED11-LED20 are bright.When a high voltage again.

We may use battery AAx4 (1.5V x 4 = 6 Volts) Makes can use long time than 3 month when 3 hour everyday. Or we can AC dynamo as power supply source.
It is good ideal for save money buy battery and reduce Chemical waste. but must have DC regulate as well.

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