5 Burglar alarm circuit

Here is five burglar alarm circuit for you can look as idea To protect their property from thieves or people do not look good. These circuits easier, using less equipment, so it is not difficult to build and modify applications, from simple switching, vibration systems, touch-sensitive.

5 Burglar alarm circuits

1. Simple burglar alarm circuits

At this period the economy not good, Make have steal plentiful. We come to try build the circuit steal model to is simple better. The Alarm Sound (Super Bell) loud forever until will cut power supply to go out. When the Switch of the magnet Senate was opened or strip metal torn. The R1 stand give get the maximum score. Discharge late beside one of the the Switch of the Senate or zone metal goes out. Devalue R1 until will begin change the dot is born the sound , this circuit will use the electricity about 0.3mA that 6Volt use Relay 6V 500ohm. When use voltage 6V – 9V use Relay 9Volt 1200ohm. When use voltage 12Volt , this not difficult circuit. Request a friend enjoys and safe from steal please sir.

Burglar Alarm Circuit using 2N2222

If you want a basic than this circuit, here is basic it one transistor alike.

2. Burglar Alarm model the circuit closes

This circuit works with battery 9V a piece is very small. For the work happens independently don’t be under house electricity. The circuit will make a noise to warn work as soon as , detect which be switch model usual close the circuit or aluminium , eliminated separate.
Burglar Alarm model the circuit closes

3. Easy kick out steal

Although the prevent steal or Circuit this be model to be easy the system is simple. but I thinks it may help can protect your assets. The principle is simple be the system Close Wire Loop. It will make a noise to warn when the circuit torn , by this circuit , use the electric energy while standby very low 0.5uA only. But when Relay work as a result use current about 70mA only. The usability can use in an automobile,house door, leak round a house or the other. When an electric line torn system , Relay command give beep danger circuit work immediately.

Easy kick out steal

4. Simple slant (tilt) alarm switch circuit

This is a simple alarm circuit.This work, when the switch S1 (sensor) tilted away from vertical.The alarm stops when the sensor back to the old form.

S1 sensor is a mercury switch.Contact is a normal closed.When the switch is placed in a vertical.Transistor Q1 acts as a switch off,
buzzer immediately.When the sensor back to the original vertical position. Completion of all the circuits can be packed into a small box.Which is used as a tilt meter.

Simple slant (tilt) alarm switch circuit

5. Protects steal touch model by IC741

Protects steal touch model by IC741

Contain divide this friends many you may face a problem economical. A steal the very. Today I then beg for to advise the circuit protects steal again model that interesting. It is model to touch , the system will work when , steal touch at the metal detects in your car. When you see the circuit may like ,because use the equipment that seek easy be IC 741very the circuit has tall many rapidity. When human body which there is electronic signal flows through all the time , make that signal changes to come to at input change R4 to pin 3 of IC LM741 make it works cause Q1 and oval RY1 work with. The lead goes to are usable , friends fine VR1 for fix the rapidity has of the circuit. The detail is other see in the circuit has please yes.


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