NE5532 Pinout Datasheet Dual low noise op-amp

Do you want to make a preamplifier with tone control? It has many choices for you.


If you are looking for small and good sound. The preamplifier using NE5532 may be a thing you are looking for.

Read more: NE5532 pinout and more datasheet below.

NE5532 Datasheet

Why is NE5532?

The NE5532 is a dual operational amplifier. There is a high-performance low noise.  It compares with a most standard operational amplifier like 1458. It shows better low noise performance.

To improved output drive capability, and considerably higher small-signal and power bandwidths.

NE5532 datasheet
NE/SA/SE5532/5532A: Internally-compensated dual low noise operational amplifier

They are suitable for application in high-quality and professional audio equipment. For example instrumentation and control circuits, and telephone channel amplifiers.

This op-amp has internally compensated for gains equal to one. If very low noise is important.

We recommended you should use  5532A version. Because it has guaranteed noise voltage specifications.

Pin configurations or Pinout of NE5532 pinout

NE5532 pinout configurations
TOP-View (pinout)


  1. Small-signal bandwidth is 10 MHz.
  2. Output drive capability is 600Ω at 10V RMS.
  3. DC voltage gain is 50000.
  4. AC voltage gain is 2200 at 10 kHz.
  5. Power bandwidth is 140 kHz.
  6. Large supply voltage range is ±3 to ±20 V
  7. Compensated for unity gain

For example simple circuits

Simple ne5532 preamplifier circuit diagram

Simple preamplifier NE5532

Why you listen to music is low down. Both everything is normal. But you don’t have a preamplifier. If you have it in your hand, try it now. You can select various input signals. By twisting the selection switch on different expansion rates. For example, Pre mic

NE5532 tone control circuit

Cr.Amazon by Asixx

The NE5532 is good at making preamplifier with tone control.  You can often look at them on a HI-FI sound system. Why should use it? Because they adjust the sound frequency you want.

For example, you love ROCK / Heavy Metal. You want to adjust the bass a lot. And set treble to lower. You can use this its function.

Important! Must be free from any interference.  Which the NE5532 is the best choice for you.

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Graphic equalizer circuit

Graphic equalizer circuit

Sometimes you need more detailed sound quality. I have two options:
Buy high-quality speakers But very expensive
Use Graphic equalizer to helps us to tune the sound so well. I like the graphic equalizer in 10 channel adjustable. The frequencies of 50Hz, 200HZ,800Hz,3.2kHz and 12kHz.

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  1. Your pin configuration diagram for the NE5532 is incorrect. Pin 5 should be the the NON-inverting B input and pin 6 should be the inverting B input. They are backwards.


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