12 Volt to 220 Volt Inverter 500W

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  Posted by momename - April 11, 2007 at 6:59 am

This is circuit Inverter 12VDC to 220V 50Hz 500W.
It easy to make and Low cost.

Friends favorite circuit about the the inverter, because like working outdoors, or to backup storage to use when necessary.
Most of this is circuit low power, which is not suitable for practical applications. My friends said that he would be about 500 Watt.

It is a good size. Use with television receivers and light bulbs as well.

When looking for circuit. I get headaches. If you are a beginner or I can not buy expensive good quality circuits. Requires only one transistor. Or if you have free time. I want to build old circuit is alive again. This circuit will accommodate all your needs. It is a simple circuit. The same principle, I take battery voltage 12V to produce a oscillator about 100 Hz and pass to a two frequency divider circuit is only 50HZ. And drive a 10 ampere transformer with 10 x 2N3055 transistor in parallel. By a single transistor has 2A, when I use 10 transistors or 5 pairs of drive high current output. The complexity of circuit, but the principle is not it, and it is the number of transistors on a basic, easy to buy. You may be modified 100 watt power inverter To the size of transistors and transformers as well.

Source: leksound project

1. Battery for this projects.
If you need 500watt output inverter your battery must be 45Ah. (500w/12V = 41A).
Maximum current for 1 hour.

2.The solar battery charger( 18 volts solar voltage)
Full sunrise power on day about 5 hour.
So you need current from the solar is (45A/5hour = 9A)
or 9A x 18V = 160 watts.

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