TDA1562 datasheet – 70w high car audio amplifier

The TDA1562 datasheet is a high output power 70W /4 ohms Bridge-Tied-Load(BTL) class H and AB high efficiency power amplifiers in plastic power package (TO-220)

The device can be used for car audio systems (e.g. car radios and boosters) as well as mains fed applications (e.g. midi/mini audio combinations and TV sound).

Technical specifications.

  • power watts much high output the amply is determined in class H or class AB.
  • Power loss or energy consumption is low.
  • Short speakers are not broken.
  • The Currents and temperature protection.
  • On-Off operation without Currents surge.
  • A display unit error.
  • A few external parts.
  • All switching levels with hysteresis.
  • Protection short circuits across to ground.
  • Thermal protection with parole circuit.
  • Fast mute on supply voltage drops.
  • Mode select are on, mute and standby.

Figure the block diagram and pins to use of TDA1562

The results of measurements in practice.

  • Can be used with a wide power supply of 8-18V absolutely no danger.
  • The signal input is more sensitive 0.76V RMS.
  • Impedance input is 75K Ohms
  • Maximum power watts output is 54W RMS impedance speaker 4 ohms. Which tested with frequency 1KHz, with the distortion and noise, only 1% (f = 1kHz; THD + N = 1%).
  • The frequency response is very wide of 7.5Hz – 185kHz Test driving a 25W load speaker 4 ohms.
  • Currents in calm conditions is about 135mA.
  • Ratio to the noise signal is equal to 88dBA.
  • Low harmonic Distortion Noise (THD+N):

Testing value

  • 0.046% at frequency 1kHz on load 1W @ speaker 4 ohms
  • 0.29% at frequency 20kHz on load 1W @ speaker 4 ohms
  • 0.12% at frequency 1kHz on load 35W @ speaker 4 ohms
  • 0.7% at frequency 20kHz on load 35W @ speaker 4ohms
  • (Pin ground of output and power supply were entirely separated.)

How to use Pins

  • Pin 1 is a positive signal input.
  • Pin 2 is a negative signal input.
  • Pin 3 is connected to a raise the voltage level circuit, for the within amplifier 1, that negative of electrolytic capacitors.
  • Pin 4 is mode select input that standby or sounds stop.
  • Pin 5 is connected to a raise the voltage level circuit, for the within amplifier 1, that connected the positive of electrolytic capacitors.
  • Pin 6 is a ground system that serves to get negative voltage.
  • Pin 7 is the output pin with the positive terminal speaker.
  • Pin 8 is a pin display to check errors.
  • Pin 9, 10 are derived the positive voltage from a battery 12 volts.
  • Pin 11 is output for the negative terminal speaker.
  • Pin 12 is the ground pin of the negative battery terminal.
  • Pin 13(C2+) is connected to a raise the voltage level circuit, for the within amplifier 2, that connected the positive terminal of electrolytic capacitor 2.
  • Pin 14(Vref) is used for internal reference voltage.
  • Pin 15 (C2-) is connected to a raise the voltage level circuit, for the within amplifier 2, that connected the negative terminal of electrolytic capacitor 2.
  • Pin 16(STAT) is a status input/output of system.
  • Pin 17(SGND) is the signal ground.

In block diagram within IC consists of the power amplifier on OTL : Output Transformer Less are 2 set as follow the preamplifier and main amps each 2 set. They are connected on the bridge circuit called Bridge Tied Load. As a result, the value of DC voltage at output speaker as zero why have the BTL circuit to Output Power a lot more loudly.

We want to maintain the stability of the system and completely eliminate noise signal. so has the Negative Feedback Circuit,by will connects from the output of the amplifier section to input of the preamplifier circuit. To troubleshoot various oscillator signal the preamplifier and main amplifier Can respond to frequencies from 7.5 HZ to 185 KHz. (Sound frequencies is the frequency range between 20 Hz to 20 KHz, but this good power amplifier has a wide frequency response.) Input signals into the pin 1 to pin 2, By pin 2 is the ground of the signal. Which is not related to the ground of the power supply itself.

The circuit that causes power watts output Higher up is a Lift Supply Circuit will connecting to the power amplifier As a result, the current and the voltage is increased. They has the circuit 2 set, By set 1 will connected to pin 3 and pin 5. Then set number 2 is connected to pin 13 and pin 15 of IC. Which is connected to the high large electrolytic capacitors to boost up the current and voltage value to this system.

Around pin 9 and pin 10 of IC serves as is drived the positive 12 voltage from the battery. The negative battery is entered at pin 6, 12 and pin 17. Since this amplifier is Mono channel. So the output of circuit will is send to pin and pin 11, and notice that speaker will not connected to any ground.

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