LM383 Power Amplifier OTL 5.5W For Car
This is CAR Power Amplifier circuit,It is a simple circuit that good Idea for real beginner. I uses IC number LM383 OTL Amp is main ‘s circuit, It has power output 5.5W min at speaker 4 OHM and Voltage supply 12V-14.4V. It has body same the TDA2030 so should attach with heatsink, when it work will very heat, may be damage.
Voltage Reference using LM334
Power supply
This Voltage Reference Circuit. It used LM334 (ADJUSTABLE CURRENT SOURCES IC) By fix the trend is stable. It make the pressure that pay to come out have tall stability. By can fine decorate VR1 10K Adjust Voltage Output. And You can use Voltage Input power supply at +2.5V to +20V. cause be high class voltage Output be valuable 0.8-5.0V depend on fining decorates VR1 there. Related Links More about Voltage Reference circuit More about Adjustable Current Source circuit More circuit about voltage reference ic Current source with LM317 Constant Current Source LED Drive Switching regulator forms constant-current source
Simple bounceless switch  using CD4049
This be simple bounceless switch circuit, In the character electronic switch a kind is one. That be of good quality tall and low noise convenient for the digital. If switch usual apply to digital circuit like to to get into trouble promise disturb easy. It make the circuit works can make a mistake. This circuit uses integrated digital number circuit CD4049 Hex Inverting Buffer. The circuit works model RS flip-flops make a signal comes out to have tall certainty. The equipment adds just also 2 resisters just only. The detail is other , see in the circuit has sir. In …
PWM Speed Rotation Forard-Reverse and Regenerative Braking
Mini Projects
This is PWM Speed DC motor Rotation circuit. It can Forard-Reverse and Regenerative Braking function. By this circuit use a signal PWM control the speed of DC 12V motor with Power mosfet IRF150. The relay RY1 use control Reverse with the digital alarm , change , Q10. The Relay RY2 work be , function brake resistor. By control Run or stop with the digital alarm with . The F1 , use protect through the circuit. The D1 use for protect current turn back from DC Motor. The detail is other , please see in the circuit. Note : PWM Control …
8A Solinoid driver by Mosfet IRF150
Controls & Timers
This be 8A Solinoid coil driver circuit. Which use mosfet number IRF150 2 amounts, be important equipment , it performs to drive Solinoid coil. Which be valuable low resistance, use current the plentiful. By use the way encourages of input model PWM make use current , share lower, mosfet not very hot. Unless R16 still use fine but current adjust and R15 use fine decorate Release Adj as well . (PWM duty cycle) D = Vout/Vin , want about 3V, D = 3/12 = 0.25 etc. , want about 9V, D = 9/12 = 0.75. The R16 take keep fine …