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Muti lab power supply 15V,30V,45V,60V

Friends ever meet a problem experience Electronics Circuit at want the level Voltage various?
I like to make any circuits form old electronic parts,Because it is very cheap, and a great challenge. Today I begs for to suggest Muti lab power supply 15V,30V,45V,60V Circuit may meet the requirement of friends get.

Muti lab power supply 15V,30V,45V,60V

By it is the circuit is simple use the transistor = 4 pcs (C1061,A761,Driver 2N3053,2N4037) only and We use a Zener diode 30V (2pcs) has a constant voltage level. The transistor have equiv number many the number. but however this circuit inappropriate for you who want current tall. Because it gives current 0.5A only just. This circuit idea friends, may apply the work has please yes.


PCB Layout of multi-lab power supply 15V,30V,45V,60V


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  1. I have battery powered tools. The batteries cost $80 to $100 each. Too much. I want to build a 110 ac to 18 volt converter so I don’t have to keep buying batteries. Can you help?

  2. Hi, Ron.
    Thanks for your feedback.
    I am happy to you have battery powered tools.

    I can modify it as 18VDC power supply if it have the power supply circuit set. Which may include of a transformer,diode,electrolytic capacitors, etc.
    now I cannot know circuit diagram inside them.
    Please see :

  3. Dear sir;
    I have a question regarding the Muti Lab Power Supply 15.V – 60.V that why do we need
    the negative voltage?(actually we do connect the zero volt to zero and the plus to plus volt)
    So what is the purpose of been using it?
    Many thanks,

  4. It power supply is okay

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