20 LED Running Light circuit

This circuit is a circuit run on alternating two colors.It uses the 2-color LED with a built-in 3-pin single.This will chase away the glow of each LED until the end.It turns alternating to another color.In any way to the moon on the moon first end, then the LED end of the first LED.Circuit consists of, nand gate ic.Two 10 Counter circuits IC, and IC JK flip flop.

20 LED Running Light circuit

Operation of the circuit is divided into 3 sets.It is a set of signal generators, a set of display and control.Set the signal generator is IC1a,and IC1b number 4011 is a signal generator.The R2, R3, C2 determine the frequency generated.The signal is fed to a set of impressions is the number 4011 IC2 and IC3.The 10 counter circuits to output to the LED, and Is the same, but the work must be performed one at side. Therefore, the signal from pin 11 of IC 2 and tested for D2 and D3,To pin 3 of IC4.The integrated circuit IC 4 is a JK flip flop is connected to a T flip flop.The signal input pin 3 and pin 1 is the output signal.Which sends a signal to the Reset IC either stop working.IC4 on the anniversary, it will output the first time, in contrast to pin1.IC3 make work, IC2 stopped.

IC2 is controlled by signals from pin 1 of IC4, to IC1c.Prior to control IC2.The IC3 is connected to pins 1 through D1 to the control again.


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