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24V DC motor controller with 20A Shot Circuit Protection

This is 24V DC motor controller at current 20Amp. By it uses IC SG3526Bcontrol in the character PWM that receive like very much and drive motor with power Mosfet number IRFP7410 x 2 pcs. Then can apply to DC Motor at use 20 Amp get comfortablely and still have Shot Circuit Protection circuit As well. You see the detail adds at picture circuit.
source : aircraftdesigner

24VDC Motor Speed Control with 20A Shot Circuit Protection

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  1. What’s that motor? :DD
    Built by Nazis?

  2. Hello…

    Please tell me that how many amps should applies.

    i made it and its burn when i connect batteries.

    and please tell me me irfp4710 connections clearly.


  3. What would need changed to increase the short circuit protection to 50amps?

  4. hello
    do i can use sg3526n insert sg3526b?

  5. hello
    what can insert mosfet irfp4710?
    too can i insert sg3526n with sg3526b?
    help me

  6. Please do not use this ckt to control DC 24 Volt motor.

  7. Please do not use this circuit to control DC motor speed Control

  8. very good dc controler

  9. liste composant please*

  10. 3526 IC Control are +91 9479171981…..Plz….

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